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    Huglu shotguns direct from Turkey?

    So you guys have given me great advice that I'm taking. The guy has no atf papers and had no idea when the gun was made. I'm going to bail. Thanks!
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    Huglu shotguns direct from Turkey?

    That's exactly the information I was looking for and (to tell the truth) expected I'd find. I have no data on when the gun was manufactured. The guy's Armlist post is here:
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    Huglu shotguns direct from Turkey?

    I've got a possible trade with a serviceman who was stationed in turkey and picked up a semiautomatic 12ga from a small village that manufactures them there. I know nothing about these guns in terms of pricing or quality. I've only been able to track down that CZ is importing these now. The gun...
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    Looking for a new carry gun

    This actually sounds like an interesting proposition. I'll have to check this out!
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    Looking for a new carry gun

    I currently run a CZ 85 as my carry weapon, and it's a little too difficult to carry with my everyday wear (bit too big!). I was thinking about using the gun and its accessories to fund a new carry gun. I figure that I've got about $500 or so worth of gun+stuff, enough to get at least started...
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    The real Obama

    Normally I'm pretty against all the hate Obama gets for his policies (mostly because I think most are good policies, but that's wicked off topic), but this is completely insane. Banning all long guns as a good model? It's not like it could happen, but it's still a preposterous suggestion. The...
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    A story about a good rifle ruined by a bad gunsmith...

    Beautiful rifle. That's a shame, I'm really sorry to hear that. I've had bad gunsmiths in the past, but nothing, NOTHING like this. Word of mouth is the best thing you can do at this point. For what it's worth, you handled that with a lot of grace. I'd have been yelling all over the place.
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    The ranges I visit in the local area have extremely specific "No photos of people as targets" rules. I mean, most of it is to control people coming in and mag-dumping at a photo of their ex, because usually a person that shoots at a photo like that has the potential to be a little unhinged...
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    Firearms friendly email provider?

    Are you completely opposed to Gmail?
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    Another stabbing, where's the outcry?

    You guys realize how crazy you sound, right? And how completely and totally different two 12-year-olds with knives are from a guy with multiple projectile weapons? And how utterly useless it would be to try and regulate something that I make in my backyard without blowing myself up, let alone...
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    Home Range Etiquette

    I agree with the trend of everyone else. I would probably at least warn the neighbors, as opposed to "getting their permission". At the same time, I would build this thing with the knowledge that I might need to modify my shooting habits to make my neighbors happy. Just because it's legal for...
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    I'm moving...

    ...from one urban area to another. In July I'm moving to St. Louis and I would like to try and get in on deer season in Missouri. Can any locals shoot me a PM with good spots to hunt around the St. Louis area? I'm hunting with centerfire rifle. Don't care about awesome racks, just want some deer...
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    Just a Thought Experiment

    The bullet might not cause a lot of motion in the target due to mass, but the thrust generated by firing a bullet from a weapon can actually be pretty substantial. Check out this (albeit silly) link; if you had the proper weapon, you could launch yourself over mountains :)...
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    Hypothetical work situation

    If this entirely hypothetical situation were ever to come up, I think I have a plan now. Thanks guys!
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    Hypothetical work situation

    Say I work on a university campus in a state that permits concealed carry. The university has expressly prohibited carrying of weapons as well as stowing the weapon in a vehicle parked on university-owned property. Here's the problem: the city that houses the university is a somewhat dangerous...
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    Ranges around St. Louis MO

    That's actually about as far as I'm currently driving (to my nice outdoor range, anyway, I've got a crappy indoor one about 25min away), so I'd be down for that if you're willing? What are the fees like per month/year? I noticed they require two seconds per shot. If I wanted to shoot strings...
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    Ranges around St. Louis MO

    Hey all, I'm moving to St. Louis in July for my new job and in my relatively limited internet searches I can't seem to find a decent range. I'm looking for something with longer rifle ranges (maybe up to 500 but 250 minimum) with pistol bays as well. Ideally somewhere I can "rapid fire" i.e...
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    Chipotle vs Tools for Dissent

    hso, I think that's the most significant point that needs to be made. Regardless of your stance on open carry, and whether you support the right to carry long guns or pistols wherever OC is legal, this behavior is not conducive to getting people to understand why we are passionate about 2A...
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    Miculek says: stop sending the wrong message with open carry activism

    Whoosh! My point wasn't to relate 2A votes to the Bundy situation, it was to point out that unconditional support of anyone "protesting" or participating in some "activism" isn't prudent as support of some of these idiots hurt our cause. Just like with the Bundy situation- even if I support...
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    Miculek says: stop sending the wrong message with open carry activism

    Yes, but like with the Bundy situation what could I possibly have to gain by defending people that completely terrified a bunch of citizens that might have a chance to vote on 2A rights later? If I went to my anti-2A friends and said "but you don't get it, those guys were actually very...