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    Pretty sraightforward .22 question (CZ452)

    ...of the bullet and you get about .28 inches, center-to-center!!! Repeat for emphasis: 10 rounds at 100 yards into a nickle, every time. :what: (barrel clean and cold) I don't think you can get a better gun for FOUR times the money.;) IMHBTAO* *In My Humble But Totally Acurate...
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    Carb cleaner vs. brake cleaner

    Carb Cleaner is Very Aggressive! During a block of instruction for ASE certification, our instructor told us how he had soaked a particularily dirty aluminum carbeurator in carb cleaner overnight in a sealed container. The next morning the carb was not recognizeable as a carb: It had been...
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    Calling all wordsmiths

    Surly Curmudgeon Spirit? "Political tags - such as royalist, communist, Democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are...
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    Scary moments at the hospital...

    Preacherman, may God grant you full recovery! (Confession: I struggle with the admonitions from Dale Carnegie to not Condemn, Complain or Criticize... PO832177, please just get some oxygen, Dude.) Moderator, please forgive me and delete this post if I have stepped beyond the pale of THR...
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    Are you alone?

    I thought I was the lone ranger for a while, here in gun-unfriendly Illinois. I have been pleasantly surprised, though, at the number of people around me that own and shoot and are enthusiastic patriots. I have taken just about everyone I know who is even slightly curious to the range on...
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    Doctors Say Nearly A Dozen Injured In Paintball Attacks

    Considering that super-soakers are rumored to be banned on the streets of Chicago because thugs were loading them with things other than water, (bleach, lye solutions, acid...), is it far from the realm of possibility that .68 caliber projectiles could be carrying something other than vegetable...
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    Reload or Factory Ammo?

    Immense thanks for the input. The price of my own time was one consideration I ignored in my earlier estimates. Reloading appears to be as much like any hobby as anything, huh? After shooting more than 2000 rds. of .45 ACP I considered reloading. After shooting more than 1000 rds. of...
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    Bullet Seating Question

    These are Winchester Super X... where's the box?... They are commercially loaded. I will shoot the chambered round from now on when going plinking. I have file-thirteened the offending shorties. Thank you for saving me a possible equipment catastrophe and concurrent injury!!! :eek...
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    Relativistic Mass Increase of a Bullet

    Now THAT'S Entertainment!
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    Reload or Factory Ammo?

    Questions on the economics of reloading: How much ammo do I have to load to see benefit over just buying factory? I just bought a BFR .45-70. I shoot quite a bit of .45 ACP and I have about 1200 empty hulls from my li'l .410. Is there A press that would work for all three of those or are...
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    Bullet Seating Question

    I use the same gun to plink and defend the homestead. I seldom shoot the 75c/shot hollowpoints that reside in gun on nightstand. To go plinking and then return to night-duty I reload the same two hollowpoint rounds in the chamber as they trade places from chamber to top of mag and back...
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    Broke down & bought a BFR...

    P95Carry, looks good for comparative info. I shoulda looked there first. (Thumps forehead) Mike in VA, SWEET! I gotta do it, then! No more gopher hunting for me; I'm going into the gopher-condo-construction business! Paaahwhoomp...
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    Broke down & bought a BFR...

    .450 Marlin, anyone? Congratulations on your shrewd purchase, g-gunter! I just picked up a BFR 7.5" .45-70. MR says you can get 'em to fit a 450 Marlin cylinder for a nominal charge if your serial # begins with JT. Mine does, so I am considering it. Shooting the .45-70 loads has not...
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    Another Anti post

    For The Children 'Asked a mother or two if they would be willing to post a sign in the window of their home that says something to the effect of, "There are no guns on these premises. Criminals go away or we will call the police." The answer has invariably been a resounding,"No! that...
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    The purpose of gun control?

    Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has quite a bit on the racist origins of gun control.
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    AWB wake: Any interest in a northern Illinois / southern Wisconsin shoot?

    Rats! I drove right past there yesterday! Darn!:( :rolleyes:
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    AWB wake: Any interest in a northern Illinois / southern Wisconsin shoot?

    I'm in! 'Got a few dozen buddies that I am tryin to rally for the gig. Buffalo range would be most ideal for my location since I'm only 20 minutes up the road, but anything within a three hour drive is worth it in this marvelous, gun-friendly:rolleyes: state!
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    Thank you everyone for the work put into ending the ban

    O.K. Now let's work on that silly stuff passed in... 1938? My compound needs a few more Ma-Deuces on the perimeter!
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    The burning question....will madkiwi buy his wife the gun she WANTS?

    I like mine! Most of my Lady friends prefer the auto-loaders until I have them help me clean 'em! The levergun stays SOOOO clean, in comparison. I just wish the magazine latch would stay latched after the last round was chambered! I've thought of trying to see if a Henry magazine tube...