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  1. kayak-man

    DA 22 with worst trigger

    Thanks for the input, and so quickly, I’ll be on the lookout for those guns. Since JohnKSa brought up the SP101, how does the trigger on that model compare to the GP100? I would guess they are pretty much the same, but I’ve never come across an SP101 in the wild before
  2. kayak-man

    DA 22 with worst trigger

    Hey guys, I’m trying to get the hang of the double action revolver, but after years of Glocks and 1911s, it’s not going super great. I’m trying to do a lot of dry fire but I want something I can actually shoot without breaking the bank, and that after putting a lot of rounds through, my S&W...
  3. kayak-man

    870 safety swap ?

    Thanks Kingcreek, it looked like that, but I just wanted to make sure there was t some super secret step since it’s my go to house howitzer
  4. kayak-man

    870 safety swap ?

    Hey gang, I think this so going to be the shortest thread I’ve ever started on here. I’m replacing the factory safety on my 870 with a Wilson Combat Jumbo Head. The factory safety has that funky twisting lock. Do I need to do anything extra to keep the new safety from locking out? Only asking...
  5. kayak-man

    Strange Zeroing Experience

    I recently had an experience that I just had to tell you all about. Mainly I just want to run my thought process by the brain trust and see if there’s anything im missing so I can get things squared away in the next range trip instead of over the next month of range trips. Sorry, this is going...
  6. kayak-man

    Handguard Length instead of barrel length to prevent SBR???

    I wasn’t sure which sub forum this would be most appropriate in, but I think legal fits better than Rifle accessories or NFA. Is there an option to run a non pinned and welded suppressor on a less than 16 inch barrel, and have it not be an SBR if the hand guard extends to 16 inches? I’m...
  7. kayak-man

    Is a modular suppressor a big deal?

    Hey gang, the time has come for me to start looking at picking up a handful of suppressors. I’m seeing some of the ones (especially 22s) advertising that they are modular and can be configured at a shorter length in exchange for less suppression. At face value, that doesn’t seem like that great...
  8. kayak-man

    S&W 610 smaller grip?

    Update: To the future forum member or Google searcher that had this same problem, i rolled the dice on the VZ grips Tactical Diamond N Frame round bottom. Accessing the trigger and cylinder release (hogue extended short) is significantly easier. Almost feels like a completely different gun...
  9. kayak-man

    S&W 610 smaller grip?

    These are same grips that I currently have. They aren’t the small rubber two parties ones that I remember my JFrame having, they cover the back strap completely. I feel like almost anything is going to be smaller, but i wanted to get a second opinion before I pulled the trigger edit to add: I...
  10. kayak-man

    S&W 610 smaller grip?

    Hey guys, long time no see, i just got my hands on a S&W 610, and I find the stock rubber grips to be too big for me, I’m really having to strain to reach the trigger (at work the medical gloves I use are size M) I’m looking at the VZ grips, but it’s hard for me to get a feel for the size...
  11. kayak-man

    Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

    I may have given into my baser instincts and ordered a new rifle scope from Swampfox over the weekend. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my dedicated precision rifle from a 4-14x to a 6-24x for a long time. Now I just need to figure out some places where I can stretch my legs out past a kilometer...
  12. kayak-man

    RIP bikerdoc

    Bikerdoc was one of the mods who helped me out on my gun nut journey. Via con dios my friend. I hope you enjoy the next adventure we call death, and you get to shoot guns us mortals only dreamed of. edited for spelling
  13. kayak-man

    The 70's called..

    I love everything about this!!! I have this idea that I keep kicking around I affectionately call “the most ridiculous rifle I can make.” When I eventually make it, I think I’m going to have to use that color for the vast majority of the gun! glad to hear you don’t get any glitter on your...
  14. kayak-man

    Form 1 questions for changing out stock on SBS

    Howdy Yall! I've tried doing a little searching, but honestly, even if I found 15 articles on the web that answer my questions, I know that my THR brethren would have some additional wisdom that is worth reading. I’ll to keep this from getting too long (but I don’t think I was successful...
  15. kayak-man

    Under 3” folding knife for EDC?

    I adore my Benchmade bugout, but it has a blade length of just over three inches. The mini bugout had a length just under three, and if it’s as fast and handy as the full size bugout, it would be hard to pass up. Barring that, one of the shorter spyderco blades would get my pick.
  16. kayak-man

    Tomahawk Recomendation

    I find that the more hawks I try, the more I like them. I’m hoping the THR Family can point me in the direction of the next one. Currently, I possess two: a Thrower Design mouse hawk that I bought after watching the Wranglerstar “testing the cheapest tomahawk on Amazon” video, and a SOG Voodoo...
  17. kayak-man

    Ruger buys Marlin

    Oh man, I completely forgot about Rugers takedown design that’s been used on the 10/22 and PC9. If they make a 30-30 that takes down that way, I’ll definitely need one of those too.
  18. kayak-man

    Ruger buys Marlin

    I know what I’m hoping for: lever action carbine using a rotary magazine, with chamberings in 357, 44 Magnum, and 45 colt. As long as the mag capacity is greater than 4 and the price is less than $700, I’ll buy one, slap a scout scope or red dot and a weapon light on it.
  19. kayak-man

    We want to go hog hunting

    Howdy Y’all! First off, I recognize that I’m kind of looking for a unicorn, but I know if anyone can help me and my buddy out, it’s The High Road Crowd! Hopefully, we will be able to help you too! TL;DR: YOU have hogs, need them gone - me and my buddy have guns, Will travel. (It’s funny...
  20. kayak-man

    Significant Changes in Perspective?

    I love this discussion. A couple of things I’ve changed on: verbage: I used to be that guy who was insistent that referring to your non dominant hand as your “weak hand” was setting you up for failure. I’d jump down your throat if you called a magazine a clip. You’ve got a bumper sticker that...