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    Acceptable quality grinder needed

    The LEM gear is good value. Get a foot switch. It’s well worth the little bit extra. Esp if you’re stuffing sausage off of it.
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    recipe forum

    Been awhile but I made venison stroganoff last night. I like to use the filet tips ie. The front ends of the backstrap. Recipe is for 1 pound of meat. Prepare everything because it goes pretty quick once you start. Slice meat thin across the grain. In a large (hopefully vintage) cast iron...
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    Daughters .243 filled the freezer this morning

    Nice! my first centerfire rifle was a .243 and still my favorite. that cartridge always seems to perform better than it should if you read all the "experts".
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    .308 Federal Power shock failure on deer.

    I’ve never had a problem with the cup and core bullets like the Remington core-lok at .308 velocities. I had a sierra game king explode from a .300wm and switched to nosler partitions.
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    Called the Sheriff on some Road Hunters last night.

    I own 40 acres with 17 acres of tall grass prairie on it. Pheasants are often along the one lane gravel road that runs next to it scratching grit or feeding in the farm field on the other side. I have fence or old hedge row all around it and it is posted no hunting or trespass. I heard a shot...
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    Cover scent

    My clothing and myself as scent free as possible. Hunt the wind and get above them if possible. It all helps but nothing is magic.
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    Rifleman with a Crossbow

    Well I bought my crossbow in august, shot it a little to get it sighted in and comfortable with it. Shot 2 deer with it. And blew it up last night. String and cable slide is on order. I’ll have to take it 50 miles to get it fixed. Might be 3 weeks? I was parking my trailer last night in the dark...
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    Ear protection for hunting.

    I hunt with a bow. The noise doesn’t bother me much.
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    Non-hunting items recommended for hunting…

    A better option is biodegradable toilet paper. I mark blood on the ground with a square or stick it on branches shoulder high in heavier timber or brush. Leave it behind and nobody cares it gone after the next rain. And it has other applications…
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    Bad shot or tough deer?

    Not all states have a rifle season. I killed my first deer with an arrow 40 years ago and probably something over 100 since then. Failure to recover is rare.
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    Bad shot or tough deer?

    They can be incredibly resilient. I shot a 3.5 year old buck 1 week ago. Huge body but a subpar squiggy rack. When butchering, I found a scarred knot int he left shoulder blade. Further dissection revealed some hair and a piece of green blazer vane. I believe I shot the same buck last year from...
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    What are good options for selling estate knives?

    AZCK is a good reputable option.
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    2023 Hunting Picture Thread

    First time out with a crossbow. Mature doe.
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    Rifleman with a Crossbow

    Season opens here in Illinois Oct 1. I wish I had done more research before buying my crossbow. (Centerpoint wrath 430) it was on sale with an additional $100 mfg rebate. It is very compact but so short in the stock it’s difficult to get proper eye relief on the scope. And my arthritic shoulders...
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    Raccoons Who has hunted them ,Need advice .

    They're mostly nocturnal. You won't have much success hunting them, might do better trapping them. You probably have a big momma and some youngsters. They like cat food. You might be able to bait them if you establish a regular schedule and hunt them that way. I used to feed the barn cats right...
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    muzzle brakes

    I have an M1A Bush Rifle (pre scout/squad without the forward rail) with a smith ent brake. I would never shoot it at a range near other shooters. It’s a wonderful shorty M1A but the fireball and blast signature is obnoxious. Fun but obnoxious.
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    Need advise on a .308

    The Ruger and savage are good options but you should also look at Tikka
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    I grew up with goldens and later had labs. I used Richard Wolters Gun Dog books/methods. I went to some trials to watch but never competed. Great hunting companions. The best hunting dog I ever had was a male golden named “Buckskin”. He hunted at least 5 states and made some spectacular...