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    Buying 1 brick SPP online,,,

    I went to a gun show near Atlanta this past Sunday and met a vendor that gad LMRPs and they are like hens teeth around here so I made him an offer to trade 1000 LRPs and he said OK. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet at his store some time this week. Looking at the tag on mine, I paid...
  2. Big7

    Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

    Every Day of the week. Even most Sundays.
  3. Big7

    questions for knife makers pertaining to cooling annealed steel.

    Best way without a bunch of equipment is to heat DARK red- like blood or crayon and stick it in some used glass bead blasting media and just forget about it and let it cool slowly. Next best is 400*F then 200*F oil. Old files are made of O-1 Tool Steel. Look all that tech data up on line or...
  4. Big7

    most American of all rounds

    I'm not really sure now but I'm going to find out. Check out this article, skip on down to the third paragraph.
  5. Big7

    Ruger 10/22 barrel suggestions

    It's the 18.5 inch .9 something diameter hammer forged with the twisted finish from Ruger with a straight recessed target crown. Hope to shoot it later today.
  6. Big7

    Ruger 10/22 barrel suggestions

    I put one together today with the hammer forged Ruger barrel and a Ruger BX trigger. I did one similar to this a while back and am very happy with it. Maybe I've just been lucky but all my Ruger target barrels have been awesome and I even have 2 standard carbines that shoot .3 MOA (one of...
  7. Big7

    Affordable 22LR (Lowest shipped pricing)

    Cabelas and Bass Pro in Georgia have their store brand- Harverty or something like that, for $31 a bulk box of 500. That's as cheap as you gonna' get around here. They are Winchester made and rebranded and you can even tell by looking at them they are Wjn Super X bullets. The case, powder and...
  8. Big7

    Help me choose between two Ruger SAs.

    Well, nevermind then. :rofl: I'd still get that 41. 😉
  9. Big7

    Help me choose between two Ruger SAs.

    Go with the 41 just because they will soon go like the Dodo bird. Get dies and brass. You can make anything else if you have to.. 44 ain't going anywhere. Ammo, dies and components will always be readily available. You can grab a 44 any time you want to. I'd jump on that 41.
  10. Big7

    most American of all rounds

    I'm glad you told me that. I've been thinking it was a BP for all these years because the nomenclature 30 and 30 together just seemed to indicate black powder because of all the other something - something was for caliber + grains of black powder.. They say you learn something new every day...
  11. Big7

    most American of all rounds

    Late to the thread but I got to throw 30- 30 Winchester in there. Another one that morphed from a black powder cartridge. I've loaded some 30- 30 and 7.62X54R with real black powder that I made just to see if it would work. It does.;) Smokes a LOT tho.
  12. Big7

    most American of all rounds

    Just finished up a new one today. Got everything, including eye relief set, rings just snug. Got to level and plumb line the vertical cross hair and run it in. Put a BX trigger in there before I even fired it. I have BX triggers in all my 10- 22's so they all pull at 2 1/2- 2 3/4 pounds. A good...
  13. Big7

    Which brand of brass?

    Norma and Peterson absolutely are as good as they come. I haven't used Alpha so I can't help you with that one.
  14. Big7

    Hunting 357 mag

    With a .357 in a revolver length barrel, you won't be getting a hundred. You'd be lucky to get enough energy to ethically take deer size game at a hundred yards with a carbine length barrel. My .357 deer set up is a 6 inch barrel and 158gr flat nose soft points. I'm not taking a shot with a...
  15. Big7

    Needs vs wants

    The US Military has needed the .277 SIG for a very long time. At least since body armor got light and became available to the infantry. The .357 Remington Magnum certainty had a need to fill and that was auto body panels the cops couldn't shoot through back then even though they are thinner and...
  16. Big7

    Funny things happen sometimes

    There was a house band that played in a BIG club in Atlanta back in the 80's called Gordon Dee and Pure Ivory. They were an awesome band and way better than most of the manufactured "music" you heard on the radio.. I'm going somewhere with this.. Anyhoooo... They did a LOT if original songs...
  17. Big7

    870 Wingmaster

    Excellent Firearms. The Wingmaster is up there with the best pump shotguns ever made and probably just shotguns including all of them period. Hard for me to follow by your description. A picture or diagram would help. At any rate, there ain't a whole lot going on in that stage of the action...
  18. Big7

    Background Checks For Ammunition Purchases

    Just like those jack legs in New York. All that stupid move will do is build yet ANOTHER black market for them to deal with. There will be people trafficking in ammo just like they do guns and dope. Some day maybe they will learn the crooks and Hood Rats don't follow the law.
  19. Big7

    red dot

    DEFINITELY. I will always use irons for EDC.. They don't break and they don't go dead because of a battery or bad solar cell panel. At the range you need to be from an assailant to justify using your firearm, irons are the way to go anyway. Stick with irons for EDC weapons. The number they...