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    No, there's no such thing as a "national gun registry"

    Exactly. Big Data is already here. That ship has already sailed.
  2. K

    What is this threaded charging handle?

    Side charging AR?
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    Background checks

    You could remove all the guns from a society, and have a closed system for humans that looks like an ant farm, and there would still be those that are armed. Either with sticks, stones, spears, hammers, etc, or, with pure physical ability. There will always exist inequities of force that can be...
  4. K

    Background checks

    😂 The “Thompson Method”. I love it!
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    Background checks

    And ironically, Prohibition was the catalyst for the federal gun control laws.
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    Gun show loophole?

    That’s good, but I’m not really seeing the delineation from what is required to be an FFL. I thought at first it was five firearms per year according to their new ruling in order to be considered “in the business”. The only exception I now see, that is actually clear and not poorly written is...
  7. K

    Gun show loophole?

    So does this new rule mean the end of private sales without being an FFL?
  8. K

    The end of private sales?

    That’s for sure, but this seems to go even further than requiring sales to go through and FFL. This seems that even a single sale will require the seller to actually BE an FFL, except for sale to a family member. And it’s a rule change, not even legislation. Seems pretty bad, unless I’m way off...
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    The end of private sales?

    So, I’ve seen emails stating that after this proposed ATF rule change takes effect, selling even one firearm could potentially require an FFL. Here is the .gov link...
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    Should A American Citizen With No Disqualifyers Be Able to Board a Train,Bus or Plane With a Gun?

    A bullet hole in a plane, while expensive and inconvenient, is not going to spark an explosive decompression as depicted in the movies. The leakage of air caused a bullet hole is less than the waste leakage of the seals and whatnot of the fuselage pressure vessel, let alone the fact that such a...
  11. K

    Biden admin takes aim at hunters in latest regulation

    I’m pretty sure it’s got to do more with the creeping incrementalism of infringing on gun rights instead of any real concern for the environment. But it makes a good excuse, just like other excuses used to justify gun control.
  12. K

    Best Ballistic App for iPhone

    I have an ipad that I simply refuse to connect to the internet anymore because it has Strelok on it, and I don’t want to chance losing it.
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    Why is called a ‘buyback’?

    It’s called a buyback because it’s catchy sounding and designed to deceive the unwary.
  14. K

    Random Gun Pics...let’s see how random we can make it

    I’m sorry, but I can’t see it in the picture… ;)
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    Antis believe suing gunmakers will end mass shootings

    Making this about school shootings vs constitutional rights plays right into the antis hands. It’s not about the children. It’s about using dead kids as an excuse to remove the power of arms from the citizenry. There are those who may THINK it’s about children, but it’s really not.
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    Body armor

  17. K

    Wounding mechanisms

    Imagine when we move to energy weapons. We’ll have threads about phasers vs disruptors, and how much more humane a phaser is, because it vaporizes so quickly, that the act or vaporization is faster than the pain response, as opposed to disruptors, whose vaporization mechanism is much slower...