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  1. MikeInOr

    .40 vs 10mm for CCW/Self-Defense (Against Humans)

    You stated "Also, more RECOIL, and potentially MUZZLE FLASH in general. This means harder to shoot, slower follow-up shots, more chance of flinching, higher risk of a complete miss, etc., compared to .40." where is your proof to back up this claim? When a seasoned shooter spends considerable...
  2. MikeInOr

    Suppressor should not cost this much!

    Yes! $1000 is to much to blow only to find out I should have gotten a bigger one, smaller one, longer one, shorter one, heavier one, lighter one or completely different design. Every compressor has some unique technology which makes it the "best compressor ever made", it is hard to even know...
  3. MikeInOr

    Suppressor should not cost this much!

    I agree, WAY OVERPRICED for what you actually get! Which is why I don't own a suppressor even though I would like to. To me it seems stupid that suppressors are controlled in the first place! A really stupid law that does absolutely nothing to protect the public from violence.
  4. MikeInOr

    OR, 114 struck down!

    As the first article states it will probably end up in the State Supreme court. But it will give us lawful Oregonian gun owners a reprieve for a while. Personally I bought the top 10 guns on my want list when the measure passed, including my first and only AR variant. Measure 114 was the...
  5. MikeInOr

    400 Corbon Why?

    I am pretty sure 400 Corbon predated the common place use of 10mm in 1911's. Now days I don't think it has much practical advantage over 10mm.
  6. MikeInOr

    .40 vs 10mm for CCW/Self-Defense (Against Humans)

    Maybe for a newb the 10mm is harder to shoot with more chance of flinching/missing but for the well practiced, like many members of this forum, this simply isn't true. I don't own a 10mm but I have shot plenty of them. I don't make my gun choices on commonly recited misconceptions like many...
  7. MikeInOr

    Best all reason all season semiauto

    I would choose a Hellcat or P365 over a Glock 26 just for a more compact easier to conceal sized pistol in 9mm. For a Glock 26 sized gun I chose a Glock 27 to get harder hitting 40 S&W rounds for the same size and weight pistol. For cheap practice I have a 9mm Glock 27 conversion barrel which...
  8. MikeInOr

    I refinished my stock on my SKS.

    It is RFA when they DTKOS!
  9. MikeInOr

    Becoming A Shotgun Importer

    I agree with armoredman, unproven cheap Turkish shotguns have no appeal to me. Too many unknowns to buy a cheap shotgun with no reliability history. The old adage, "you get what you pay for", seems especially pertinent to firearms! All of the online, I have had this gun for a week and this is...
  10. MikeInOr

    Can you reach the controls on your handgun without adjusting your grip?

    I have pretty big hands and quite long fingers. on most of my pistols I can manipulate all the controls without adjusting my grip. My Beretta 92 and Desert Eagle L5 are two exceptions and it is the magazine releases that are too far away. I have owned my beretta for almost 30 years and I...
  11. MikeInOr

    I refinished my stock on my SKS.

    I would advise against refinishing military weapons. The first centerfire rifle I ever owned was a M1 Carbine. The first thing I did before even shooting it was sanded off the marred up original finish, steamed out all the dings and dents then put a new beautiful finish on it. I was very...
  12. MikeInOr

    An AR Rifle Conundrum...

    For a compact and lite weight .223 semi-auto you might look at a Keltec Su16.
  13. MikeInOr

    Servicio Aventuras vs. CCI Primers Updated Nov.3

    I load practice and carry rounds. I stick with CCI because I know they are reliable. I appreciate this thread and hearing people are having good results with the foreign primers. I am not ready to switch yet but I might give them a try sometime.
  14. MikeInOr

    Good/Bad Areas and What to Carry

    I have only carried a full sized pistol once, then decided "screw that"! I carry small guns which is one of the reasons I always have a gun on me when I am out of the house. I will let the cops carry the full sized pistols, I will stick with my compacts, subcompacts and mouse guns. I don't...
  15. MikeInOr

    Isn't the forward assist on an AR a dumb idea?

    The closest thing I own to a AR is a Sig MCX Spear LT with a folding stock. My state has been pushing to shut down sales of AR rifles so I figured I should finally buy one while I still can. I figured if I was going to buy one I would only buy one and so I would get the best one I could. I...
  16. MikeInOr

    Steel Targets: What’s out there?

    Your order has been shipped. Thank you for your business. Make It Ring Targets 7734 S 500 E FRANKFORT IN 46041 Tracking # 786 Order: R181| Date: 2019-04-11 Shipping Address Shipping Method Ships Free Order Summary AR500 Steel Target 5/8"X 8" SKU: 5/8"X 8"...
  17. MikeInOr

    Isn't the forward assist on an AR a dumb idea?

    Most all of my semi-auto military rifles have reciprocating handles (Garand, M1 Carbine, FAL, SVT40, Mas 49/56, AK, etc.) which pretty much voids the need for a forward assist. My one military rifle with a non-reciprocating charging handle, HK-93, has never had a feed issue where I have needed...
  18. MikeInOr

    Anti-seize grease on military rifles

    I have never used anti-seize on a gun but I have used it as a lubricant on wood working machines with good results. When I rebuilt a 16" radial arm saw I used anti-seize on the elevation screw which requires complete disassembly of the saw to get to. So far it is working much better than grease...
  19. MikeInOr

    Which cartridge is your favorite to reload and why.

    .50 ae. It saves me the most money of all the cartridges I load and allows me to shoot my DE much more than I would be able to do otherwise!
  20. MikeInOr

    Happy 10/22 Day!!!

    I am quite pleased with the stock. It is sturdy, unfolds easy and makes it easy to align my eye with the reddot. It holds and shoots nicely with the stock folded. I really like how small and compact the rifle is with the stock folded. There are a few different versions of this stock. The...