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  1. EIB0879

    Scoping a lever rifle

    I have my beat up Marlin 336 .30-30 circa 1971 scoped with a Vortex Viper 2-7x 32mm with Versa plex (German style) reticle. This was my first rifle that made the circuitous route back to me after I had traded it in 1977. I love this combination and have taken a lot of deer with it over the...
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    Fishing while hunting

    When my stepfather was alive we would sometimes go deer hunting in the morning and crappie fishing in the evening.
  3. EIB0879

    I must be getting old

    Yeah those guys on their knees are tempting the fates. If I'm invaded I'll be in my recliner with an AR and a bunch of loaded p-mags
  4. EIB0879

    I must be getting old

    I have a PAST shield. It's the only way I can shoot my 300 Wby anymore.
  5. EIB0879

    .308 vs 30.06 vs .338 . Which One to Choose?

    30-06 or 308. No need for a 338.
  6. EIB0879

    No wonder Non Residents aren't Deer Hunting

    I paid $225 to hunt deer for five days on family land out of state. The land is going to be hunted by family regardless so, at least in my case, if I decide to not hunt, that land won't be freed up for leasing.
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    License Required to Hunt and Fish Your Own Land

    Same for Arkansas where I hunt. Not sure about Texas, where I live, as I don't own land other than my home here.
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    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    There are other things that you might see in the Hill country that are bigger than WT like Axis deer. I shot an Axis buck with a 30-30 a few years back and he only went about thirty yards. Auodad can get big too. You don't need a canon for them.
  9. EIB0879

    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    I used to bowhunt Hagerman when drawn and saw a few come off of there.
  10. EIB0879

    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    I have seen some booners come out of places in north and east Texas.
  11. EIB0879

    Older Than Me

    None. I have my Grandfather's 12 ga. LC Smith with Damascus twist barrels but don't shoot it.
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    What is best bullet for 30-06 deer hunt?

    The last two deer I shot with w .30-06 were with factory loaded Hornady Superperformance 165 gr SSTs and Rem. Hog Hammer 168 gr. TSXs. Both deer were DRT but they were Hill Country doe so not really a challenge. I have started shooting Barnes Vortex 180 gr. TTSXs but haven't had a chance to...
  13. EIB0879

    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    I have hunted west of Sundown and if I shot the wrong way it would end up in NM (or it seems that way). That and places like Paducah represent West Texas to me.
  14. EIB0879

    When to say when....

    I don't sell guns anymore but I have thought about selling a couple to fund another purchase lately. If I don't shoot something there is no reason to keep them when I could own something I will shoot.
  15. EIB0879

    When to say when....

    I'm 64 and I am still looking at acquiring more firearms and ammo now that I have more time to shoot. After I'm gone my wife and kids can do whatever they want with them and I'll be fine with it (because I'll be dead and don't care). I spent my whole life getting to this point and want to enjoy it.
  16. EIB0879

    What's your favorite hunting knife?

    Buck 102 and Buck Vanguard.
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    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    I guess I'm trying to differentiate if OP is talking about true west Texas or west Hill Country. There are some places starting around Childress and going to the NM border and down to the Rio Grande that I consider West Texas and those present longer shots. I have never been presented with a...
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    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    If I was looking for a new deer rifle, this is what I would probably buy. Out the door for $700.
  19. EIB0879

    Hunting rifle and cartridge for west Texas deer

    Hill country deer aren't that big or tough. If you need an excuse for buying a new rifle and caliber I don't think you could go wrong with any you listed in .308, 30-06, 270, or 6.5 Creedmore. If I was going with a 7mm I would choose a 7mm-08 over a 7mm RM. Just my .02. My BIL uses a 7mm RM when...