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    rifle for new youth hunter, .357 mag, 44 mag or 243.

    I like my CVA 44 mag Scout. Dropped my buck at 68 yards with a 240 grain JHP and 21.5 grains of 2400 (that I loaded in 2004)
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    I must be getting old

    I can still shoot 200 12 gauge trap loads in an afternoon with nothing but a mild headache, and that isn't often. Anything bigger than 30-30, 357, 44, or 223 from the bench hurts. I used to shoot black powder matches with a 45-70, bench matches with my 30-06, and Slug Assn matches with an 870...
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    One Rifle Hunter

    When I was younger and more mobile, my one rifle that I used for deer, coyote. and antelope (my bear trip to Canada got preempted by birth of son #2) was a 1953 Winchester 70 in 30-06. Still have it. Hope one of my boys wants it.
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    Writer's influence

    I met George when I had aspirations about becoming a writer. He could produce print quality pictures with a box camera and a desk lamp, or so it is said. Even got a couple guns from him when he was "short'.
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    Writer's influence

    Madison Avenue Rod Gun Bloody Mary and Labrador Retriever Benevolent Association. Zern's imaginary club.
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    Writer's influence

    Sitting around nursing a bad back and doing some introspection as to who influenced me to buy some of the guns residing in my safe. I have to admit I was a precocious reader, beginning with my dad's 1944 Gun Digest around the time I was four or five('49). An old WWII vet, Dale DeVore was my...
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    Shoot it and leave it.....

    I never fired a shot for score or for meat out of a clean barrel. I want the bore to be in the same condition it was when the last good shot was fired. Unfortunately it isn't possible to duplicate temperature and humidity conditions.
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    Can We Talk About Sabots?

    Somewhere I have a box of 30-06 Accelerators I got from an estate.
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    H&R Original "Tracker?"

    Mossy! Remmy? Winny! Spell it out, lease.
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    Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

    Please give it a workout and let me know how it works, especially the priming system. After the Pro 1000 and Load master I've been soured on Lee progressives.
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    Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

    Hammer extensions for four of my single shot rifles. I’m going pretty much single shot for everything but ccw and plinking. And wad guides for my shotshells reloaded. And a 50 cal jag to replace the one I just gave my son. Catalog order.
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    760/7600 30-06 & Model 94 44mag

    I still have dad’s 94 44 mag from around 1970. Hates cast, fine with jacketed. Birch stock. Won’t part with it or brothers 44 Marlin.
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    Assault Weapon Identification Guide As listed or described in Illinois Compiled Statutes 720 ILCS 5/24-1.9

    Todd saying what "might be" doesn't cut it for me. 870 is not now, nor ever has been, a semi auto. I also can't find anywhere there are restrictions on magazine limits for pump, lever action firearms.
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    Older Than Me

    My inherited Krag and Shattuck 10 ga, my 92 Win, A Belgian ml double and a H Leman half stock rifle. Stevens Crack Shot and a 22 rolling block and an American Gun Co 410 double. I think that's it. Oops, Jap 99 which might be older.
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    When to say when....

    79 and going. 222 through 45-70 and 50 ml. When I drop I quit. Then the kids can divvy up my hoarde.
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    S&W K22 in .22 Used

    My first really nice gun was a K22 I bought with lawn mowing money around 1960. Sold it for tuition money a few years later. Recently traded for a 1952 model and feel whole again. Same crisp trigger, same bank vault lockup, same fine accuracy. 63 years and it is like having the same gun...
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    .45 Auto other than 230 grain

    Most popular for years was the 200 swc for target use. I load and shoot a bunch of them. I played with a box (500) of 155 grain needle nose swc a while back. Speedy but not too accurate. My faves: target, Lyman 452460 200 swc. Hunting(backup) RCBS 45-260 KT. Defense, hopefully never...
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    Thanksgiving gun

    Little Kimber Micro 380.
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    For the past week, what was it?

    G43. 9mm Critical Defense
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    Your personal carry rules/guidelines

    1. Have a gun 2. Be familiar with it 3. Practice meaningfully 4. Be insured 5. Know the laws 6. Carry it