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    Man defends home with katana (nsfw)

    Kukri & Bolo Knives Good Pix here Rondog, FYI for Officer's Wife and anyone else who wonders: The point of balance, if I am not mistaken, is up across the top or back of the blade at the point where it bends. Please correct me if I am wrong Rondog. A Bolo knife (Philipines) has a similar...
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    Longest .223/5.56 military kill

    Maximum Effective Range of the 5.56 Good discussion folks! Back in the early 70's, the Maximum Effective Range (MER) of the M-16 was listed (by the Army) as being 480 yards. Marines, being a bit put off by this Mickey Mattel gun, were shooting at 500 yards for qualification with iron...
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    New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

    Halfcack, I understand your pain! I knew of an older gent (I am no spring chicken) who carried his rifle to school on the city buses in New York (NYC I believe) for marksmanship training (yes at school). About 1964, while I was reading an Oklahoma newspaper, they had an article about...
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    New Member? Introduce yourself here (just intros, questions get answered elsewhere)

    Howdy Ya'll Texas Navy here. Being an Admiral in the Texas Navy, I reckon that should sum it all up. I do live in Texas, at least for the time being. I love history because it clears my mind of all the crap that our teachers, particularly about history, tried to enshrine in our brain...
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    Comparing Four 380's

    .380 caliber Handguns I bought a .40 cal. Never fired it! One day at the shop I bought it at, I noticed a number of .40 cals in the price range I was considering. They rented the guns and at (15 years ago) at the price of $7.50 per gun. 50 rounds of their ammo was $5. I picked out 4...
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    Just Completed First Long Range Build

    Amazing build!