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    High Cap 9mm recommendations

    My favorite is the Glock 17 or Glock 19
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    HD Choice if mulitple armed assailants, body armor

    Bad guys do work in teams. When there is one you assume there is two. Chances of them wearing body armor coming in to invade your house means your either a high value asset or you seriously upset the wrong group of mall ninjas. :neener:
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    Aim Fast Hit Fast Course March 14-15th Sacramento CA

    I'm hosting this class for next year. Please email me if your interested
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    .45 isn't even a cell phone stopper, let alone a manstopper

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    How much ammo do you stock?

    My rule is keep enough ammo around in each caliber to fill all your existing magazines at least twice.
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    Is Blazer ammo anygood

    I've shot cases of the stuff and had a problem with a bad primer on a 45ACP round. The cook off was short of spectacular.
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    Best FEEDING 9mm JHP

    I've always had good luck with Speer 124gr +P JHP with my Sigs, Glocks, Walther and CZ.
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    Sig guns for IDPA?

    Sig QC has really gone down hill in the last few years......:( You already have a very reliable and accurate handgun that you can use to start competing with. Stick with your Glock. Remember its the Indian shooting the arrow not the other way around.
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    Customize or buy used Les Baer

    This is coming from someone who once had a Kimber Custom II Target and had the gun customized by none other than Bruce Gray. There is nothing wrong but having a customized Kimber but in the end a Kimber is still a Kimber. Bruce installed a magwell and replaced all the fire control parts with...
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    Geezer squad gone wild!!! (not really)

    How've you been Dave?
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    870 Problem!!!!!!!!

    Bob- I would have to respectfully disagree with you on the sidesaddle however mileage may vary with different folks on my statement. "Under no circumstances attach a sidesaddle shell carrier to the receiver of any M-1.Under no circumstances replace the trigger guard pin with any steel screw...
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    870 Problem!!!!!!!!

    Huh guys don't take this thread so seriously. I post this about once every blue moon as a joke between Dave, myself and some of the senior THR members....:banghead: For some fun reading :)
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    Benelli M1

    I find my Benelli to be pretty soft shooting. What are you feeding her?
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    870 Problem!!!!!!!!

    It is seriously envious of my Benelli! :neener:
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    AR-15 Thread

    Noveske N4 with Magpul MIAD upgrade, CA configured with Bullet button and a C Products 10/30 magazine. (restricted to 10 rounds but has the CDI factor of 30)
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    AR: To free float or not to free float; that is the question.

    For what you want "I think the answer is “NO” in my case" :D Keep it simple. If down the road she wants a vertical fore-grip you can entertain options however it will most likey see range action. Spend the dough on ammo and training :)
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    Microstamping On Governors Desk!

    Please help by calling the Gov
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    Weapon Shield CLP

    Most of my friends know that I am a huge huge fan of FP10. Many years ago George Fennell of FP10 sent me a free 1oz bottle of FP10. Prior to that I had been using Hoppes and BreakFree. Since I've received the little sample bottle, I was so impressed that I've been using FP10 ever since. Fast...
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    wife bought a Sig

    Also has the DAK trigger :)
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    Get your cameras out - let's see what ya got

    My standard trip to the range includes this bad boy...