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    Relying on a vintage handgun for SD/EDC.

    I keep a couple of 1975-76 vintage alloy, 1951 Beretta's nearby. I don't worry about a rapid reload. Pistols have been dead reliable and point well for me.
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    Top 5 premium AR brands?

    I would have to know what components are used in a rifle and its accuracy before claiming one better then another. I like seeing the barrel company, bolt, buffer assembly, receiver manufacture and trigger listed. If there is cost cutting I want to know where. Another reason I like assembling...
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    775yd moose

    The angle of the bullet falling out of the sky would effect the actual bullet path inside the animal. How does a ethical hunter manage that at 775 yards. Unless you have worked pulling targets at 600 yards or farther you don't have much of a clue.
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    Ithaca 37 deerslayer for home defence

    I kept a Model 37 in the corners for many years. Cut a barrel back to twenty inches and added large peep or ghost ring type sights. Used it for deer hunting and HD. Shot slugs very well. Since I stopped hunting and don't play shotgun games, I keep a AR in the corner now. Much easier to...
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    Least expensive pistol game

    You can have inexpensive stock pistols and shoot a bunch in speed oriented games, or you can get expensive accurate pistols or revolvers and shoot accuracy games such as Bullseye that don't require a high round count.
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    Adhesive to cure crimp jump in 44M?

    That amount of recoil is not helping your hand and wrist. I'd consider crimping over the shoulder of a SWC. Plenty of case capacity for a light load. Start your load development at the low end due to the deeper seated bullet. It might look like a 44 Russian. I'm a believer in keeping life...
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    Second favorite battle or assault rifle after the AR15 or AK47?

    Johnson because its unique.
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    Addicted to Revolvers--What one to buy next!

    K frame six inch in 38/357. I suggest buying a Model 14.
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    Mounting Scope question

    I'd trust Larue's machining. Would be easy to do your idea using feeler gauges between the scope and mount.
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    38 spl jhp?

    Today is the opposite of fifty years ago when 9MM was hard to find and expensive.
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    Looking for a good, preferably jacketed, bullet for 38 Special.

    I think your only hope for expansion at 850 FPS it to find a old swaged lead bullet. Swaged lead is very soft. I'd bet the old FBI 150 grain LSWC HP was swaged. ZERO bullets sold as Roze might have what you need. Cast.
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    Smith and wesson 422

    A fired 380 cartridge works as a take down tool. I needed to tune the tension on the extractor for reliable operation. Now it feeds most anything. Deactivate the magazine safety will improve the trigger pull I have tried two barrels on a suppresser and neither were threaded true. Reproduction...
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    Recommend a cheap aluminum 80% AR lower and jig

    Curious about the benefit of building one. If I need a firearm I want a reliable one. If the government is trying to take them away having a serial number won't matter if we resist.
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    Walking stick for canids

    Cold Steel makes a line of walking sticks and canes. I have used the axe head model for a couple years. Has the advantage of a hook/crook to hang on your arm if you need two hands for some reason. Have flown with it and no issues.
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    1911 needs work

    A quality bench vice can double as a sear and hammer jig if you know what the proper angle is supposed to look like.
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    1911 needs work

    Buy Jerry Kuhnhausen's Shop manual. Best upgrade I can think of.
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    Which rifle to mount old Weaver scope.

    I have the same scope with thin cross hairs on a 1946 vintage 300 Savage 99. I'd like your scope on my rifle.
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    Need ideas for tray to hold bullets and brass

    Trim the plastic tray to fit.
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    Broken slide

    You might find a used slide on the internet. Frames get destroyed and the parts get sold.
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    Toxic Powder Spill in the Loading Room

    I'm confident your powder will find a happy time with a crushed primer in the hereafter.