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    .357 Magnum 7 1/2" Barrel on a SAA?

    I prefer the 4 and 3/4 in a good holster when I can sit on a horse or truck seat and not have it eat me up or get beat to death when its bumpy or hoppy.
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    Are there any truly non-corrosive BP substitutes?

    Probably going to peve a few off but BP is not corrosive at all. It is hydroscopic and can draw moisture out of the air. Back in the day it was the priming salts in the BP sludge that was the issue. If you have one rust its due to cleaning it not very well.
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    New to CC, how to drive comfortably?

    I carry there and I'll say it's not going to be done in any easy fashion. Drawing (and deploying) anything from anywhere in a vehicle is not going to be a simple task because the interior if the vehicle constrains the free range of motion. I used to like a IWB belt clip type stuck to the sun...
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    Reloading .223 cases to big ?

    may be 5.56 brass that was shot in a full auto and needs trimmed if its used brass.
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    Before we get too giddy...

    Sounds like a great plan to me. Let Kali leave the union or better idea give it back to Mexico. They can be the new as JFK used to say "cuber". No fed road or wellfare money their huge state GNP will be what it is now...third world.
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    New to CC, how to drive comfortably?

    Half the time I go with a Colt 4 3/4 SAA in a Desantis Doc Holiday sitting on bucket seats including my corvette and its more comfy than my PPK inside 3-4 to where ever you move it o'clock digs my ribs deal.
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    Wedge Retainer for Open Top Revolvers

    Cure for a non issue, Seat the screw and the wedge wont fall out unless the wedge need replaced or the spring tweaked on.
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    What tool do you use to tap out the wedge?

    Plastic screw driver handle as it dont put divits in the things.
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    Are any of these statements wrong?

    What is more crazy is people that dont look at balistic tables and lab tests and dont get that 35 grains of rock blasting powder is harder on a gun than 100 years of pressure tests with the 6 grains of smokless powder.
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    38-55 barrel reline?

    Very common deal there as people have it done all the time. A new liner will have much more strength than the original barrel due to better quality steels in them. If gun shy just go to a 32-40 liner. You need to google up some black powder cartridge rifle forums and get a of who and where to...
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    Cylinder Swapping - 1860 Army

    Being around and having horses for over 50 years the idea of swapping a cylinder in a revolver while on one is as commen sence as commen sence gun laws. Basicly its a stupid idea. Plus with the hand fitting of guns at that time getting a cylinder from gun A to fit gun B would be more luck than...
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    Based on my first question never asked here's the second

    I imagine you could and it would work just fine if it was LAB TESTESTED..No labs have done that so its in my book with safe things to do in Vegas with 20 buck hookers. Plus you will get pic of blowed up 50 rolling blocks that loaded with 500 nitro experss loads says only shoot BP..Forrest Gump...
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    47-70 govt. loads for 1873 Trapdoor

    I agree on the TB as the stuff has a very sharp pressure peak. Its about the last thing I would use in a trapdoor.
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    Help identify this 1911 barrel

    Could that be a 7 and not a L? In general most Ithica guns used a H.S. marked barrel.
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    Pietta in the white - how?

    Polish and more polish. A lot of issue guns where done in the white and are fairly reastiant as the high polish was low work to keep up vs blue.
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    1860 Colt Army 4 Screw Question.

    Looks correct to me for the way they did it then.
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    Possibly unsafe?

    They worked fine in 1870 and still work just fine now. And back then for a buck 50 colt would convert one for you too. In fact Colt used to sell them new till about 1875 or so.
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    Getting started: Swedish Mauser vs. L-E 303

    I like both and they can shoot well with lead if you paper patch the things so you can shoot to issue ammo speeds. But the sweed is better due to more quality built into the gun.
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    Is there an ACCURATE tube fed bolt action 22lr?

    The original .22 auto is a tube feed and shoots just as well now as over 100 years ago. The Browning or Rem 24.
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    A little info about the Mini-14 please.

    I have not seem one for sale for under 1200 bucks used for like 2 months.