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    Prices creeping up

    Nehr or Nerr is a German surname, my friend.
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    Prices creeping up

    What a stupid thread. The only way to ensure a panic is to go around sticking your head out of windows yelling, "HEY IS THERE A PANIC I THINK THERE'S A PANIC YOU GUYS"
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    Unintentional Discharge with 1911 in Public Bathroom

    My face when: 1/10 would not read again.
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    Unintentional Discharge with 1911 in Public Bathroom

    Yes, because I'm sure Gunsite and Thunder Ranch hold "TACTICAL CRAPPING" classes, with Magpul's upcoming "THE DYNAMIC ART OF DEUCE DROPPING. Lighten up.
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    What do you think of these Mosin stocks?

    The reaction of normal people everywhere to these stocks:
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    Any experience with the CAI Zastava Tokarev M70A Semi Auto Pistol, 9mm

    I had a Norinco Type 213, and it was a lot of fun to shoot. If you have larger hands, the Tokarev will give you some hammer bite. Sold off mine because it would simply lock up sometimes, and I didn't trust it. The start to every useless post on gun forums everywhere. "Why buy X. X is bad buy...
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    Carrying in the Workplace (No CHL)

    He could be setting himself up for deep crap (see, unlicensed carry of a firearm blaablab alcohol.) I don't think OP will find that wording or definition of transportation anywhere in the Texas law. Castle doctrine seems to apply whenever the premises is under someone's "control", but who...
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    Question about the bathroom?

    Forgot to add: if I'm in a stall, I just hold the gun in my left hand while I drop a deuce.
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    Question about the bathroom?

    Anyway, back to the original point: I avoid urinals whenever possible. If I have no choice, I use my strong side elbow to pin my gun against my side. (I, however, own a holster which doesn't allow my gun to fall out willy nilly.)
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    russian steel cased ammo

    Go ahead and read that post to yourself in the mirror a few more times.
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    FL:Twin Miami Gun Turn in (buyback) events also Bust on July 27th

    Just with less body odor, stun guns, nazi stuff, and beef jerky.
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    Could it be? (Texas to allow switchblades)

    So... uhhh... they clarified that the stuff that is still illegal is still illegal, even though the stuff that is now legal became legal?
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    Morgan Spurlock goes to work in a gun store

    I agree; the danger of fast food is way overblown. It's not like there are ten year olds walking around with type II diabetes. It's not like our nation's obesity rate is soaring with no ceiling in sight.
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    10.5" FAL: experiences? thoughts?

    Hmm, that is certainly an interesting option; I did not realize they had such a rifle for sale. It appears that the dramatic rate of velocity loss c respect to decrease in barrel length starts to flatten at 14" barrels (in this particular load), so I think 13" with a muzzle attachment would...
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    Academy Sports has 5.56 Ammo in Drums

    Also, one must consider the immense weight the cartridges are experiencing at the bottom of the pile. I would expect a high number of bent/unusable cartridges.
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    10.5" FAL: experiences? thoughts?

    I recently graduated, and I'm about to start making a lot more money than I've been used to as a student for the past 8 years. As such, I've been eyeballing firearms that were, until now, out of my price range. One such was a 10.5" FAL made by DSA. Handling that thing in the store was great...
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    Could it be? (Texas to allow switchblades)

    I'm really glad that this law went through, but I'll never thank Senator "Chuy" Hinojosa for anything. That low down, dirtbag is a coward and helped to kill an important RKBA bill here in Texas. He is also infamous for concealing a handgun in the secure area of an airport, and then weaseling...
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    Pseudo Threepersons for 1911 (pics)

    That is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a fan.