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    Help w/ Remington Model 700

    Guys, I have removed the rear and front sights from my Remington Model 700 and need some filler screws for the holes. Do any of you know a good source to get these>? Thanks...
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    Replacement stock for Ruger RSI

    Guys, I have a Ruger RSI .243 (MK II) with the full length Mannlicher stock. I would like to get a laminated replacement stock for better stability. Can any of you direct me to a source where I might get such a stock? Thanks.
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    Anyone have a CMP "Special" Garand?

    Hello Guys- Excuse what appears to be a simple question...but where did you find the "Special" Garand listed on the CMP website? I appreciate any guidance you all could give. By the way......there are some beautiful Garands some of you have posted.....great jobs.
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    how do you feel about the NRA?

    a little more Guys, I really cannot add any real insight to what you have already written. I am a life and benefactor member of the NRA and am pleased with much of the lobbying, public relations and education that they sponsor. I do NOT agree with everything they do---but do any of us...
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    Don Hume Clip Holster?

    carry LoneWolf, I have a couple of the Dom Hume holsters such as the one you mention and find them to be fine holsters for the money. I find that they work best at about a 4:00 position. If one does not wear an undershirt there is the issue of the lack of a "sweat" shield, so a Bianchi 100...