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    Are there any single stuck subcompact real DA pistols?

    The Sig P290 ought to fit the bill nicely. It's DAO with a single stack magazine and pocket carries quite nicely. According to the website it even has the 9lb trigger you're looking for.
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    Picking up a S&W 625

    As far as I knew, the gun just had to fit in the official IDPA "box" that is 8 3/4” x 5 1⁄2” x 1 5/8”. I don't think there is a specific "no 5 inch barrels" rule, it's just that most 5" barreled guns won't fit in the box. IDPA was designed to be shot with your everyday carry gun, with an...
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    Colt-Burgess Double Rifle/Shotgun?

    Well, I went to the antique fair in Round Top, TX last week and one of the dealers there had one of the most interesting guns I have ever seen. Walking by, I saw what appeared to be a Colt Burgess lever action rifle. Not the rarest gun around, but I had never seen one in person, so I went in for...