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    Lighter 308 hunting loads?

    A friend of mine has excellent results in his AR-10 with the Sierra 125gr Pro Hunters. I'm not sure on the powder he uses but I have seen that bullet absolutely wreck deer at 10 yards all the way out to 120 yards. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use that bullet.
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    30 Rem. AR

    All I can say is that my 30 Rem Ar has been awesome. I LOVE the thing. I picked up enough ammo and components including new brass to last that rifle a lifetime. The 150gr Core Lokt has been acceptablly accurate and I shoot it from time to time, but my reloads using the 125gr Accubond has been...
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    Eureka, the mini14 load

    Mini 14 and accuracy have never been able to be placed in the same sentence. You take the most accurate Mini 14 and best load for it, and you'll not do any better than a standard off the shelf AR-15 and a decent factory load.
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    Anybody use Barnes .308 110 Grain TTSX?

    IMO a 110 made for the .300 blackout at .308 velocities won't give you the performance you are looking for. I also think if it did do well enough to be lethal which it likely will on broadside ribs shots, I would imagine an exit wound chance would be slim and none.
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    Anybody use Barnes .308 110 Grain TTSX?

    yeah as already stated I'd be moving up on bullet weight. Those 110s "black tips" are made for the 300blk and to perform at that velocity range.
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    My wife has asked me when we can go shooting again...its not a matter of ammo or money or lack of guns, its a lack of time. Time is the thing that you never get more of and it becomes increasingly valuable.
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    Alright….what the heck fellas!! MP and FedEx

    DHL has always been the worst shipping experience I've ever had. Last time something shipped DHL it sat in one spot for 6 straight days.
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    Ammo Prices and Inflation

    Employee cost is up, and the commodities used to make ammo is with demand being what it is I see why the cost is up so much. Do I think we will see sub $10/box 9mm no I do not. I believe $13-$14 will be the new bottom and we aren't there yet. 5.56 I don't see it going lower than .40/rd...
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    Nuisance Deer

    OP I'm in Alabama too and the only thing that seems to work for nuisance deer is bullets. My parents dealt with them for years in their small orchard. Literally destroyed 1000's of dollars worth of trees and fruit. They tried everything they could think of. Well bullets worked I did the...
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    Wilson Combat AR Barrels?

    My Wilson Combat 18" 300 Hamr has been pleasingly accurate, haven't shot much and haven't done much load development. But appears to be high quality and with some more time it will only get better.
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    Help me choose between LTT Elite 92 and Nighthawk 1911

    I just can't like any Beretta pistol, they look weird and point weird for me. Never owned one but I've shot a few, never gave me the warm and fuzziness. So for me I'd keep the 1911. I'd also do what was mentioned and get a mid range pistol from Sig, Glock,S&W etc and use that pistol in a HD role.
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    Lgs has powder and primers on shelf over a week

    2018-2020 for me was the time to buy cheap and stack deep. I learned my lesson during Obama. Luckily I've not needed any powder and very few primers. Only primers I bought were large pistol for my wife's 44mag and my 10mm. My component supply is very well stocked won't need any for at least 5...
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    AR 15 barrel brand

    X-Caliber is also a good barrel maker to look at too.
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    What happens to 9mm FMJ when shot out of a 16" barrel?

    I chose Winchester 147gr+p Ranger Bonded Item # Q4463 as my preferred load in my Ruger PC Carbine. I was surprised that it gained very little velocity from the 16" barrel but that's OK it should perform very well at "box flap" velocity.
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    how long?

    The AR lower I had to send back to Ruger was sent to them for free, repaired, and picked up by me in 7 total days. All issues were repaired and its been perfect ever since. The P365 XL I sent back Sig was also free and was repaired and back in my hands in 10 days. Ruger CS has always been top...
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    An unsafe gun friend

    I guess maybe I'm a big stickler because after 1 ND I'd basically be done. After 3 ND's I wouldn't want to be around that person and a firearm in the same room. This person may be a great friend and he definitely needs a talking to about his safety issues. If he's not able to take some...
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    44 Magnum great result question

    At 15 yards and I assume off hand shooting, it's not gonna show much difference. Longer distance and more steady shots would probably show a difference then.
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    Squib....a puzzle.

    If after 5 years there is enough Ballistol to make you say "eww greasy" then there is entirely too much Ballistol in/on the pistol. Without seeing the rounds or pistol, I'm going with Ballistol "creeped" or leeched into the primer or powder or both and rendered it inert.
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    Remington mismanagement

    Could be I absolutely love mine. I don't shoot it much but I got it online closeout and a few months later they were gone. I have a lifetime supply of brass and even some factory loads I'll never shoot. You need ammo hit me up in PM.
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    7.62x39 hunting ammo

    Federal Fusion was and still is the best performing round I've seen in 7.62x39. They do or at least did make that bullet as a component. As far as current options its gonna be hit and miss for sure. If you can find some Hornady SST or Winchester PowerPoint I'd go with those.