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    Where do you rank the 38 snubby as far as a defensive weapon

    I don't personally like them. They are difficult for me to shoot well, bulge in a pocket when I carry there and have been displaced for my personal use by subcompact 9mms and even smaller pocket .380s, both of which I shoot much better. I could see one, and have been kicking the idea...
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    Any reason for buying the cheap pot metal guns anymore?

    I think Hi-Point is just about the only manufacturer of this kind of gun left. If you need a gun and $150 is all you have and no more, a Hi-Point is for you. If circumstances dictated it, I'd pick one up in a minute. This being a firearms enthusiast's board, we tend to forget that...
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    ever wore out any spring in a gun?

    I've broken a couple of springs, namely trigger bar springs in two SIGs and a slide lock retention spring in a Glock. Both disabled the guns. The SIGs' triggers, no longer connected to anything, flopped back and forth and could not be pulled (unless the gun was held upside down), the...
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    Ruger LCP fell apart while shooting

    They were probably counting on that, and in fact, as a backup gun (more properly, a "little gun to fight my way to the big gun"), I don't shoot it nearly as much as my main gun. That it is smooth and streamlined with no projections or sharp edges and corners is much more important to me.
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    Ruger LCP fell apart while shooting

    I have a stainless LCP, had another (long story), and have not had any trouble of this sort. I do remember the takedown pin having a retention groove in it, so unless the spring breaks or you don't fully seat it, it shouldn't walk out. However, the design of the pin with regard to...
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    Can you paint a pistol magazine?

    Painting a magazine is something I've never done or even thought about, so bear with a few guesses. Anywhere bluing wears off, so will paint, only it would take the form of strips or flakes of paint peeling off inside the gun. Painting also adds thickness. The magazine may not want...
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    I have yet to see any wear from plastic holsters on any of my guns' finishes. If it does, I would expect it to "burnish" contact points (edges and corners) and be self-limiting, i.e., reaching a certain point and stopping. A leather holster contacts more of the gun and acts much like a...
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    Gun belt

    There are plenty of good belts out there, but I can tell you I'm very pleased with my Beltman. I have had it since 2007, worn almost daily, not all of it carrying guns, but I do have holsters and magazine carriers with metal clips, and it still looks and functions well.
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    Grease or Oil? Read post first

    Frame rails that contact the full length of the slide, especially on alloy frames, seem to like grease better, not so much for pistol function as for long term wear. SIG actually recommends grease for theirs, specifically the TW25B.
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    Don't forget rule number 1
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    Pp99c as why not the popularity?

    :confused: I don't even know what this gun is.
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    CCW makes you exempt from background check?

    Not in my state. They (i.e., TBI) run the background check every time.
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    CZ 75 question

    The CZ75 P-07 Duty has been replaced by an updated version simply called "CZ P-07." It has a different slide finish, the edges and corners more rounded, a reshaped trigger and interchangeable grips.
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    What Do You Carry For Defense Ammo?

    I carry 9mm Luger and use Federal 115-gr. "Hi-Shok" standard pressure JHP, popularly known by its stocking number, 9BP. It may be "old-fashioned," but is accurate, always functions and doesn't have any horror stories about "failures to stop." A hollow-point is always preferable, in any...
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    Ruger LCP Gen 1 vs Gen 2 ?

    I have no complaints about the trigger pull on my second-generation one, but no basis for comparison to a first, either.
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    .45 and 1911 losing ground?

    I have shifted away from .45 Auto mostly because of ammo cost. In the 1990s and early 2000s a box of .45 was a ten-spot. Now it is almost twice as much. Since, IMO, 1911s work best in that caliber - the one they were designed for - a consequence of this is that I don't own a 1911 and...
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    Anyone Have Experience Carrying CZ P01?

    I have carried its close relative, the PCR, a delightful gun, and now a P-07, almost as good. They are roughly the same size and weight as a P-01. I have adopted AIWB ("appendix," i.e., on the front of my body between navel and hip bone, inside the waistband) carry. This is the...
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    What's wrong with slide mounted safeties?

    I have experience with owning, shooting and carrying "old-school" S&W autos with slide safeties. I don't use them. Not as safeties, anyway. They are just to decock the gun, which doesn't really have to be done in a hurry. Then I push the lever back up and carry with the safety...
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    Demand for High Capacity S&W Shield Magazines?

    If there were a demand for such magazines, somebody would already be making them. Unless you have hands so big you can palm a basketball, more than 9 rounds (one more than the 8-round extended mag, which fills up small- or medium-sized hands) will make the grip unmanageably long. The...
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    Question on a " truck gun"

    As has been said, it means different things to different people. I can see it for those on farms or ranches. This city boy will never leave a gun in a car for any length of time. It is more likely to get stolen than have to be used.