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    Best 5.56 ammo for a 1:9 twist

    I have a stainless 1:9" PSA upper that shoots the ADI 69gr Sierra SMK ammo into tiny groups. I couldn't ask for better performance at $12.99/20 round box. Cabelas stocks it.
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    Cutting dovetail for sight!

    Mill dovetails in two cuts. The first cut is done with a standard endmill and takes out most of the material. The second cut just takes out the profile of the dovetail cutter. Rigidity. Lube. Proper speeds and feeds. Your machine should work fine.
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    Floating the tang..

    The guys at the Savage forum highly suggest you float the tang. I'd open up the stock to accommodate it.
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    what is the shortest 300 blackout suppressor on the market

    The AAC SDN-6 is one of the best choices.
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    How to paint a gun multi-cam??

    I didn't practice, I just went for it. There are some refinements I'll make next time. I did this with rattle cans. An airbrush would be way better.
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    How to paint a gun multi-cam??

    I did this, using this method. I started with a tan base coat, then added a brown fade. Then I applied stencils, trying to preserve tan/ brown transitions, and be random. I over sprayed with three greens. Then I went back with masks and added the dark brown and the off white accents. It...
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    M & P and Its Light of Day Profile

    It doesn't bother me at all. My M&P9 is utterly reliable and accurate.
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    What can I use to strengthen a syn. 700 stock

    I filled the forearm of a Savage synthetic. I used a burr in a dremel to "tooth" the channel, then brushed on a coat of contact cement as a bonding agent. I laid in two carbon arrow shafts and filled everything with JB Weld. Worked perfectly. Very stiff, almost no deflection, even on a bipod. A...
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    AKS-74 gets MD-06 Red Dot and M.I. Mount -- But will it RUN?

    Well dang. I was looking forward to hearing how nice that set-up is. PA should take care of you, but busted kit always puts a damper on range time.
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    Finishing my first complete AR15 build; headspace problems

    I always remove the extractor (and ejector in your case) if possible. I want to "feel" the lugs seating. ymmv.
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    Accidental red dot battery test

    I've discovered my PA Micro still turned on… a few times.
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    What is the purpose of the flared barrel?

    That is necessary for the barrel to lock up properly into the bushing (machined) or pressed into the slide.
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    Warning about the SureFire earpro

    I'm confused. You broke your earpro, and stayed at the range? And you self diagnosed your injuries? And came here to rant?
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    Anti HB 4774 rally in Lansing, MI

    Shootingthebreeze, you're either naive, or willfully ignorant of the motives of the groups you support. Legislating the law-abiding isn't the problem or the solution.
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    Cold range vs. Hot range

    I'm also pro-hot range.
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    what is the best way to store guns for 1-year or more?

    A light coat of oil, inside and out, stored in a locked cabinet. Don't store guns in soft/hard cases where they touch foam or lining. 1yr is nothing. There are guns in my safe I haven't touched in a year.
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    Axis .223 to 300Blk Conversion...

    I'd shorten the barrel to 16" You gain very little, if anything, from the extra inches.
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    grip / frame mods

    I did this. Feels good. It took me 20 minutes with the soldering iron. Uploaded from my phone, sorry if it's huge.
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    Pre-Banic price for .223 Ammuntion

    AIM was selling steel .223 for $110/500 before Sandy Hook.
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    why boolits vs bullets

    This entire thread could have taken place in the Muppet Show balcony. :)