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    Self-slamming slide on my PM9

    Bingo! 1911Tuner==== It turned out to be a problem with the follower, as you suggested. There's a piece missing from the bottom of the follower where it meets the spring. Problem solved! Thanks
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    Self-slamming slide on my PM9

    I recently started to have trouble with the slide slamming shut on my Kahr PM9. I pull the slide back on an empty magazine and the slide locks in place like it's supposed to do. If I release and remove the magazine, the slide sometimes (often) slams shut, as soon as the magazine is removed...
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    S&W 66 vs 686

    I've been looking at snubby versions of Smith and Wesson models 686 (6-round version) and 66. I'm having a little trouble understanding the practical differences between the 2. The 686 is 3 ounces heavier than the 66 and the 686 costs just a bit more. I'm basing all of this on specs that...
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    Best 1911 for the money?

    Another vote for the new Colt 1991 model. You won't be sorry about this purchase.
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    Mail Call and Conquest this evening...

    What the Hey!! I'm the real Danelizer. What happened here? No sweat USMCMONTY! Computers. Go figure!
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    Mail Call and Conquest this evening...

    Range safety rules as of 02/2001 1. Treat every weapon as it was loaded. 2. NEVER point your weapon at anything you don't intend to destroy! 3. Keep finger off the trigger until up and ready to fire. 4. Keep weapon on safe until ready to fire.