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    I think I'm about 165 degrees into a 180 degree turn

    A similar issue happened in Alabama, very close to me, in a mall I frequented often. An active shooter was in the mall and a concealed carrier drew his firearm to find the shooter. Was shot and killed by responding police. The family has filed lawsuit with the city and Mall company. There has...
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    STI Guardian

    STI made a lot of fantastic firearms (on paper, never handled one) that I liked. When they went to the Staccato name, they dropped a lot of the product lines I was really interested in. What a shame. Keep that Guardian. You will have a hard time finding it again when you have seller's remorse.
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    Mouse Gun thread

    Only mouse gun in the house is a NAA 22mag. And it won't be for much longer. In that caliber and platform I might buy a Sidewinder down the road as a replacement but a lot is up in the air at this point. Right now I don't see the point of a mouse gun when my PPS is in 9mm and not that much...
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    British PM on knives.

    It is sad that the British empire once spanned the whole world. "Sun never sets on the British Empire" was the slogan. Now they are afraid of pocket knives.
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    Sig or PSA?

    Dagger. It is basically a Lego gun that you can modify however you want and very easily. Compared to the Sig 320 which has less third party accessories. Nearly every Glock 19 part will work on the Dagger. I just replaced the backplate on my Dagger with a G19 one and it slid in just like it would...
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    Neck knife accident.

    Happened in Massachusetts. Added to that a scant 22 minutes from Boston (according to Google Maps) which has their own knife ordinances. And in a bar? A tent stake, if that is what it was, may have been the best he could have gotten away with legally, but unfortunately it killed him. This may...
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    British PM on knives.

    Considering both his parents are immigrants themselves, it isn't a matter of stones. But complacency. He wouldn't want to point the finger at "his people." Just like AOC, Talib, and other members of the "squad" don't talk about the elephant in the room of their people illegally hopping across...
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    I think I'm about 165 degrees into a 180 degree turn

    I may not be sold on the truck gun. But I would absolutely get a Sub2000 in 10mm. If they made one.
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    tragic ending to a heroic act

    The Israelis do not use those nearly to the extent we do. It shows. Doing cross training with various Israeli units, they did not seem to understand the concept or need for reducing fratricide.
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    Scoping a lever rifle

    I have a scope on my Marlin 336. And I don't really care what someone else thinks of it. It works for me, makes it a better hunting rifle, and more fun to shoot.
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    They will never stop!

    What a load of crock. I will be watching this on the bill tracker, when it shows up. Anyone who supports this is not our friend.
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    I think I'm about 165 degrees into a 180 degree turn

    I am not of the mindset of a truck gun yet. While terrorist acts involving firearms are common place in places like Israel, they are nearly unheard of here. And for good reason. Planners of terrorist acts know that a firearm threat is easily met with another firearm in the United States. There...
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    Have you ever sold/bought reloaded ammo?

    The very first cartridge I loaded for was 7mm-08. I first focused on could I load safely and reliably, and started to focus on accuracy later. I would make small batches of rounds. Testing changing a little bit at a time. A little more powder or a little change in seating depth. For some reason...
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    Isn't the forward assist on an AR a dumb idea?

    Not sure what you are smoking.The DOD has launched multiple investigations into soldiers and Marines for doing head shots on enemy combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan, worrying that service members were doing execution style engagements. What the DOD usually discovers is the engagements are...
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    Is there a good lightweight AR 15?

    They are all light. Never really understood the quest to lighten the AR when it is already the lightest service rifle we have ever had. And you don't have fattening accessories on it like a grenade launcher, aiming lasers, and other goodies. There are a lot of options out there. But a basic AR...
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    What is the rarest single empty brass case, loaded round (just one) or shotgun shell you've ever found at a shooting range?

    Brought home a 30mm shell from a General Electric shooting range once. I wanted a loaded one but they wouldn't let me leave with it. So I settled for the casing. Not "rare" but not something everyone has sitting on their book shelf. Picture added. The 30mm case next to a live 50BMG round...
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    100 yard shots with my 770 with the vibration dampner

    770 is a very light barrel profile. The one I owned had more chatter on the feed ramp than someone doing a penguin plunge. Had to practically give the rifle away.
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    It is important to read what is written about us

    When it comes to anything published, you are the company you keep. There is a difference between reporting what a talk show says and airing every single episode. The former is a revelation of a different idea, good or bad. Airing every single episode is endorsement. You can try to defend NPR all...
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    Hollywood Studios To Restrict Real Guns, Could They Enter The Market?

    And what business would "prop" firearm armories have if all of Hollywood went gun-free for scenes? I can see some deal being made of armories destroying their stock of prop and real firearms in order for them to stay on Hollywood payroll making CGI or flashpaper firearms. Hey destroy those evil...
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    .45 Auto other than 230 grain

    I prefer to shoot 200 or 180ish grain hollow points. +p if I can find it. The lighter weight gives the hollow points a better chance of expanding compared to 230gr standard pressure. 45ACP recoil has always been a mild shooter for me anyway. Partly because it is lower pressure compared to 9mm...