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  1. WestKentucky

    1914 Mauser 7.65 Cal + Buffalo Bore Ammo

    Y’all’s 1914s look a lot better than mine. I do have a complete spare slide and barrel for mine because the originals were so pitted you really couldn’t read the S/N and even though that’s not the only number on the gun, it’s by far the most visible so I didn’t wish to explain the effects of...
  2. WestKentucky

    Colt 1903 Suppressed

    @Dan Forrester you know the deal. No posts without pictures. Pretty sure God said that right after telling Adam to leave the one tree in the middle alone, but nobody heard it or wrote it down because Eve was huffing and puffing about being told no for the first time. I want to see this setup.
  3. WestKentucky

    Outdoor life parts ways with Aram Von Benedikt

    I have seen a few different YouTube videos and written articles covering this situation. Everything about it seems screwed up in some way shape or form. Radio collar deer, big name hunter, unethical shots, poor shots, etc. I get the fact that there is a trophy animal involved and I understand...
  4. WestKentucky


    Strange things tend to happen when items are up for sale. It’s always a roll of the dice and you hope to come out on top, but sometimes that’s just not reality. I have seen things sit idle here for weeks and then get into a fight over who got it first. I have also seen things sell almost...
  5. WestKentucky

    Guns You Should Have Bought When You Had The Chance, And Now Regret Not Buying

    FR8 really burns me. They went from kinda cheap to hot commodity in a heartbeat
  6. WestKentucky

    What is the nicest gun you were ever given as a gift?

    Glenfield 30a. My grandpas rifle. Stolen while he laid dying at the nursing home by an addicted cousin who sold it at the pawn shop. It came up as stolen and grandma bought it back along with a few others but miraculously after I took her grocery shopping and to pick up the guns she very...
  7. WestKentucky

    Dream revolver

    Your posts on that gun is part of what got me thinking about my dream gun again. I’m a huge fan of 32 long but I can’t drop 4k to scratch the itch. I will end up building one off of an old model 10 if I ever get around to it.
  8. WestKentucky

    Dream revolver

    Just imagine for a minute that you pull that golden ticket from your favorite wheelgun maker and they can build you anything that you want within reasonable limitations. What do you go for? Barrel length, caliber, custom touches, grip design, optics, sights, materials, plating, coating...
  9. WestKentucky

    The future of revolvers

    The rage in sidearms is currently carry guns. That’s been an up and down situation ever since the days of the original percussion pocket rockets. Lighter and smaller is the name of the game for sidearms in general but your not going to get much smaller than a J frame without seriously...
  10. WestKentucky

    Bolt Action Bug-Home Rifles

    I really like the FR8 and wish I had bought one when I had a chance.
  11. WestKentucky

    Aftermarket Optics Cut Slide for Glock 32

    The 9mm stuff is going to be far more available than the 40sw stuff which you would use for the 357 sig guns because 357 sig stuff doesn’t exist in aftermarket form. If I were in your spot I might seriously consider buying a dagger pistol in 9mm and trying to figure out what gonna work for you...
  12. WestKentucky

    That time you realized...

    I did a bad job on one and just kept laying on coats of paint. I need to strip it and start over. Probably snow camo this time.
  13. WestKentucky

    How do you know what powder is used in your ammo?

    The answer to the original question is that there’s not a way to know what’s in a factory load. The answer to how I know what I used in MY loads are that I use different head-stamps for different loads, and if I don’t differentiate by headstamp then I use a different bullet or different primer...
  14. WestKentucky

    Surprising and funny things that happened while hunting

    I was once hunting the edge of a CRP field that was mismanaged in the right way. Cutting the same strips every year and then clear cutting it about every 5th year when saplings were wrist thick… this year in my recollection was one of the HEAVY brush years and there were a ton of rabbits, plenty...
  15. WestKentucky

    Full Cylinder Carry On Certain Models

    I would not argue such based upon my own practice with antique S&W, but I will say that there is well documented situations which brought about the internal safeties that a modern S&W have engineered into them. The older guns are not drop safe and probably should be carried fully loaded. Hammer...
  16. WestKentucky

    Who regularly shoots a gun older than they are??

    Most of the guns I own are older than me. I think I could count the guns newer than me one fingers pretty easily… nope. If I count the kids guns then I’m at 12.
  17. WestKentucky

    Surprising and funny things that happened while hunting

    Anybody ever accidentally go hunting? It happens. I was working nights in a factory. Fresh out of college just trying to make ends meet. Extrusion mill, kind of a neat place but the work was overly hot on the titanium stretchers… but we made a lot of stainless gun barrel in 40 ft lengths. We...
  18. WestKentucky

    Mouse Gun thread

    Today’s revolver would count if it weren’t a 3” gun. It’s an INA tiger 32. Very similar to a S&W i-frame or a Rossi Princess. My 11yr old can’t shoot a J frame well period and not at all one handed because she is very small for her age in all dimensions including the hands. She was excited that...
  19. WestKentucky

    I’m a sucker for a cheap 32

    My S&W 30-1 has one chamber slightly off. 5 of 6 go into a golf ball sized cluster and the other one goes a little low and right. I still love the little gun and shoot it more than anything else I have currently. It was my 1st anniversary gift. Came complete with trashy hogue Goodyears and a...
  20. WestKentucky

    What determines twist rate?

    See part in bold. That is consequential in multiple ways, especially to a reloader. When new loaders start asking questions or simply request generic advice from seasoned hands I always give the same reply, which brings about more questions. My reply is that when loading cartridges, you want to...