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  1. velocette

    .22 RF barrel drill?

    Good advice above, I ordered a nice new barrel drill along with the proper cutting oil and the barrel liner from Brownells. Followed that up with one of my prone shooting friends that I discover has a metal turning lathe, (HAH!! the good news!) Now all I need is a barrel that has not been...
  2. velocette

    Winchester 1906 .22 LR?

    Film495, I sure hope so I have fond memories of shooting these rifles as a boy at carnivals. That was a LONG time ago, o_O Looking forward to bringing the fun back into shooting after a loooong time as a competitor.
  3. velocette

    Winchester 1906 .22 LR?

    ;Well, one of my grail rifles arrived today. A well used and abused 1906 Winchester slide action .22 rifle. S, L, LR. My winter project. Mechanically sound but poor cosmetically. Wood is particularly poor, but I had planned to replace the gum wood with walnut as I resurrected it. The bore is...
  4. velocette

    .22 RF barrel drill?

    Considering a new project. Relining an old .22 RF rifle barrel. Found rental chamber reamers & muzzle crowning tools but no rental piloted barrel drills. Found them new at Brownells along with the liners. Was thinking that finding a once used or rental piloted drill would save me a few...
  5. velocette

    J frame goodness VS K frame shooting

    Old dawg, Yes she has a sister. She's about 70 YO and a former international rifle champion. My woman was only national champ with 7 national records to her name, Loooong time ago.
  6. velocette

    J frame goodness VS K frame shooting

    As echoed by many above. Not too big, not too small, not too heavy & not too light, not too powerful nor too weak. The S&W M 10 & M 15 are just Right for many people. AND they're NOT made of plastic!
  7. velocette

    J frame goodness VS K frame shooting

    Yesterday at the range, my companion shot both of her .38 spl revolvers. Her EDC S&W 640 J frame and her home defense S&W 4" K frame M15. At 25 yds, she kept her rounds in the "Ouch" zone of her target with the little DAO 640. (Ouch zone = miscreant would NOT be happy,) Then she proceeded to...
  8. velocette

    S&W K frame barrel / cylinder gap?

    I have a very nice S&W K frame . 38 spl Target Masterpiece, 5 screw, made in 1954. (forerunner of the Model 14) It's barrel / cylinder gap is right at the outer edge at 0.008", Accuracy is good as is lockup etc. Upon inspection, the extractor star is about .003" below the end of the cylinder...
  9. velocette

    .308 Win 600 yard target rounds

    Russ57; The closest is near Homestead AFB / Florida City, 500 yds, private range you can join. Demands proof of skill under supervision for 500. West Palm has a 200, / working on 300 yard range never used it. About 3 hours from H.wood is Myakka gun club 615 yard, excellent range...
  10. velocette

    Purchased Springfield Echelon To Replace CZ P-09. Well, Not So Fast,...

    Accurate, stone cold reliable, fits my hand (s), Cajun trigger, hammer, barrel bushing, springs, etc. all by me. Machine work and fitting the Holosun by CGW. A superb EDC using the older 14 rd flat base magazines. When more concealment is necessary, an S&W 640 Snubby with a CT lasergrip is used.
  11. velocette

    .308 Win 600 yard target rounds

    Russ57; You have gotten excellent advice from some very knowledgeable people. You have all you need now to go forth & perforate the X ring at 600 yds. (after a little bit of practice of course.)
  12. velocette

    .32 S&W Long advice & suggestions please

    Thank you gentlemen, I now have a data base to work from. Roger
  13. velocette

    .32 S&W Long advice & suggestions please

    Recently my long time shootin' buddy, gave me a Walther GSP target pistol with both .22 LR & .32 S&W Long uppers. (Actually, I think he got tired of seeing me drool over the pistol every time I saw it,) He also donated several hundred rounds of .32 S&W long SWC ammo which I am now preparing to...
  14. velocette

    Holosun for CCW

    CZ 75 PCR,
  15. velocette

    S&W J Frame- Centennial vs Chief’s Spl. vs Bodyguard

    It's been 23 years since I fled to the gunshine state of Florida and got my license to carry. In those 23 years, I have carried autoloading .45s, 9mm's .40 S&W's. At least two different ones in each chambering. In that same time, I have carried one, no dash, S&W 640 Centennial .38 spl. The...
  16. velocette

    A .22 handgun for home self defense?

    The question of a .22 rimfire as a self defense firearm again, reminds me of an incident a few years back when I was a RSA at a large municipal range. A loud "expert" was berating an elderly customer about using a .22 RF for self defense. His opinion was that when a miscreant was shot with a...
  17. velocette

    Sorta thinking out loud here…

    Rio, If you want to move the revolver's POI down, increase the powder charge or / and decrease the bullet weight. 125 grain bullets with a half grain more powder will recoil about the same and will print lower on your target.
  18. velocette

    Woohoo! Ordering a HF-1 and Belt from Tucker Gun Leather

    I bought two Tucker holsters about 20 years ago, soon after I got my CCL. (God bless the gunshine state of Florida) They are still in use, still totally serviceable. One for a compact 1911, one for a Smith Snubby, both IWB.
  19. velocette

    Are you "Gun Amish?" Or do you have a Red Dot on your pistol?

    CZ 75 PCR Compact. Red on the CZ, Green on the S&W K38 Target Masterpiece, (predates M 14.) Green on the Hi Std.
  20. velocette

    Python Grips fit old Colt Officers Model

    Does anyone know if grips from an 1892 Colt DA .38 will fit any other models? I have some thumbshelfed target grips removed form a DA .38