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    New to me XD 45

    Very good price. My xd45 has been flawless. I'd buy another at that price.
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    It finally happened

    The tactical Toblerone! A great price, I've never handled one but I can't imagine it feels like a Hi Power. That might sell me on one.
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    Ruger SP101 327 Federal Now Shipping

    I've only made one order from Family Firearms and they were fine! Good prices. Website is a little janky on mobile though.
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    My model 28-2 identifies as a 44spl

    Is the conversion bored out or does it need a donor barrel and cylinder?
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    My model 28-2 identifies as a 44spl

    That is a neat idea. Any limitations with the .45 acp conversion?
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    Springfield XD in 2023?

    No brainer for $200. My full size xd 45 has been excellent and so has my xd-s.
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    Which .45 for Bedside "Duty?"

    My old bedside .45 before reverting to 9mm was a Springfield XD 45. 13+1 rounds of .45acp is good medicine and the pistol has worked flawlessly since day one. A very fine pistol. The 9mm only replaced it to be a bit more user friendly for my wife.
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    SD Ammo Tests Through 442, LCR, and 856

    Thank you for adding to the knowledge base. I'm also currently using the golden sabers in my LCR, they are a very decent compromise for such a small gun. My preference leans towards the heavier standard pressure loads in a snub but the GS ain't bad. When the cold weather hits I usually switch...
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    $500 GP100 … but wait! - reimported, 1/2 lug, gutter sights, short barrel

    I'd buy it on the spot. Looks like a slightly trimmer version of the 3" fixed sight gp100 I sold. Quite regrettable. Those Ruger factory compact grips fit my hand very well, no need for anything larger. My palms are just over 3" across and my fingers aren't very long so they're almost perfect.
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    Status of Loaded Guns in your home....

    We keep one pistol in the bedroom safe and a handful of loaded pistols and revolvers on the top shelf of the safe. In this house, if a pistol is stored holstered that means it is loaded and ready to be fired, so everything on the top shelf rests in a holster but it's mostly smaller ccw pieces. I...
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    Sold it. Regretted it. Getting it back!

    I haven't regretted selling much. There's a Ruger security six that I didn't really get a good price for and wish was still around. It was replaced with a gp100, a nice one, but it isn't the same. Sold a cz82 for a makarov but it was a downgrade. Made a bad trade or two but I've made just as...
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    What do you do with your "decals"?

    I put them on a bass guitar case with all the other band and gear stickers.
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    38 Special wadcutters?

    According to this round has been discontinued. I thought it had promise.
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    best 380 defense load?

    Another Pico owner chiming in. Trigger is heavy and hits a wall right before dropping the hammer. Long reset. I can't grip it well enough to shoot any faster than it can reasonably be aimed and I have med/small hands. I am not a particularly strong man but manage just fine. It's the cadence and...
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    GP100 Outdoorsman, 357 Magnum, 6" barrel, would you like to see it manufactured?

    It looks a lot likes like the partial lug 6" gp100 I already have! It probably weighs more than 35oz though. I had a 6" security six once upon a time and it was definitely the more svelte revolver. Better action too.
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    M&P shield plus 9mm - good , bad or eh

    It's good. Complete improvement over the original shield, which was a very good gun in my experience. The shield plus has made my original shield and xds obsolete. Yeah, people will say no functional gun is truly obsolete, but comparing apples to apples, the shield plus is superior. Sold the...
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    Help with a Smith and Wesson Model 66-2 issue.

    You MIGHT get lucky with a drop in hammer replacement, but if that isn't the only thing a previous owner was modifying it's a waste of time. A trip back to S&W for repair is money well spent. As said, check the strain screw, and then replace the mainspring with something factory and see if the...
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    Need help with a new GP-100

    I had a brand new sp101 that was squeaky and the hammer would hang up making it completely inoperable. There was rust in the hammer dog assembly preventing it from working correctly. I disassembled and cleaned the gun and it worked correctly, but it's still stiff and a bit creaky. I recommend...
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    If carrying a .380: Which One?

    I can't think of many guns with a smaller grip than the Pico! I'm sure your suggestions are all much more comfortable to shoot, just not so easy to drop in a pocket. Single action is not my preference but I could be tempted with da/sa options.
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    If carrying a .380: Which One?

    Beretta Pico. The magazine doesn't pop out unexpectedly, the hammer can't snag, and the trigger can't be pulled by mistake while holstered in a pocket. Yeah, pocket carry stinks. So does not having a pistol on you. I do want to try an LCP max. Doesn't seem like a direct replacement for the...