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  1. equin

    Shield Holsters

    I have a kydex IWB from Amberide and a leather OWB 721OT from Don Hume that I like for my Shield Plus.
  2. equin

    Recommend a gun belt!

    Mean Gene Leather makes an infinitely adjustable leather belt using an Aegis belt buckle. I have two such belts, and they are by far my favorites. My only complaint about them, even though they’re my favorites, is that they’re fairly thick, making threading holster slots difficult for a few of...
  3. equin

    Calling all S&W Shield fans: 300 flawless rounds through my Shield Plus

    Oh, and here’s a size comparison pic of one of my fullsize 1911’s, my 3913 and my Shield Plus for reference.
  4. equin

    Calling all S&W Shield fans: 300 flawless rounds through my Shield Plus

    I got a Shield Plus late last year and like it a lot. Mine has roughly 500 trouble-free rounds so far. I’ve never shot a Shield 1.0 or 2.0, so I can’t compare. I’ve shot my friend’s Sig 365, though, and while I liked it, I like the Shield Plus a little more. Even so, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a...
  5. equin

    It's not over...

    I think the principle the original post (and others following it) are trying to convey is that the threat may not necessarily be over even after the aggressor is shot and on the ground. He could’ve pulled another weapon hidden on him and used it. So I’m guessing the self-defense lesson to be...
  6. equin

    EDC Belt

    For OWB, I think it also depends on how heavy the gun is. I need a thick, strong belt, like a Beltman or a Mean Gene Leather belt, to properly support my 5”, all-steel 1911 when carrying it OWB. But my Mastermind belt works fine carrying my much lighter Shield Plus OWB.
  7. equin

    Shield Plus Holsters

    Sorry, I missed the tuckable part in the original post. I haven’t tried Kusiak holsters yet, but their website offers a tuckable option, and they also make them for the Shield Plus
  8. equin

    Shield Plus Holsters

    For IWB, I use an Amberide holster for my Shield Plus. For OWB, I use a Don Hume 721OT for my Shield Plus...
  9. equin

    S&W 3913 NL

    I have a regular 3913 (not the Lady Smith or “NL” versions). Great gun, but original mags are very hard to find now, and when you find any used ones for sale, they can be very pricey. I believe they take the same mags as the CS9 and the 908, but those are no longer made, either. ProMag sells...
  10. equin

    Hardware stores

    I wish the hardware stores near me had dedicated knife displays of quality made knives. Not so much a hardware store but a feed store in my town has a nice display of decent knives, including Case knives: And when I last visited the Mason Feed Store in Mason, Texas...
  11. equin

    New Belt Day: Daltech Force Italian Leather Dress Belt

    Thanks for the review, Spats McGee. I’m also an attorney and had to be in court almost everyday my first five years of practice, but my practice is now more transactional so I don’t go to court like I did in the past. Still, I had been wondering if there was a decent 1.25” gun belt on the market...
  12. equin


    Great videos. My Mom was carjacked in the late 70’s. She was driving my Dad’s Pontiac LeMans station wagon, but was at a stop light with cross traffic and cars behind her. So she was stuck. She just grabbed her purse and stepped out. The guy got in and took off. Anyway, interesting that the...
  13. equin

    Better leather belt than crossbreed

    Forgot to add, I also have a Beltman belt. Disappointed to hear from others on here who said their Beltman belts didn’t last long. I haven’t worn mine enough, though, since I mostly wear my Mean Gene belts, which have held up fine so far.
  14. equin

    Better leather belt than crossbreed

    I have a couple Mean Gene Leather belts with the adjustable Aegis buckle. I really like them, especially the infinite adjustability. My only complaint, though, is that they’re fairly thick, which makes threading holster...
  15. equin

    First outing with new Shield Plus Performance Center version

    I have the standard Shield Plus and really like it. However, I noticed that if my left thumb rides or touches the slide lock then it won’t lock back. But if I move my left thumb down a bit, it’ll lock back fine.
  16. equin

    S&W M&P 2.0 with Talon Grips ?

    Looks good! How does it feel against bare skin? Do they still offer as good a grip in the hands as the stock grip surface?
  17. equin

    S&W M&P 2.0 with Talon Grips ?

    Please let us know if the Talons work. I have the same issue with my new Shield Plus. Great grip texture for my hands, but uncomfortably itchy against bare skin when carrying IWB.
  18. equin

    3913 Smith and Wesson

    I got a used 3913 years ago and really like it. Like a dummy, I never stocked up on OEM mags before they stopped making them. Now they’re hard to find and used ones have become somewhat pricey. I think ProMag sells their own aftermarket mags for them, though.
  19. equin

    Book Recommendation--Tom Givens Concealed Carry Class

    Thanks for the recommendation. Just ordered both books.
  20. equin

    Belt - Nylon ?

    I have both, leather and synthetic gun belts. I find synthetic ones to be more functional and comfortable than leather gun belts. For one, they’re usually thinner than quality gun belts (my Mean Gene Leather belt is a quality work of art but slightly over 1/4” thick). So for me, they’re easier...