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  1. Kookla

    9422 vs 39a

    Had a 9422 trapper years ago because I couldn't find a 39- which everyone back then said was the best .22 levergun. Sold the 9422 and got a 39a- and wished I never sold the 9422.
  2. Kookla

    Black friday and christmas reloading deals....

    At Mark 7 Reloading we have our Autodrives at $1,999.99 plus a free sensor (primer orientation sensor excluded). We still have a special on our Apex-10's- buy an Apex-10 and get a free pro die pack of your choice. We lowered the price on these a few months ago from $2,995.95 to $2,499.95. We...
  3. Kookla

    Any Berry’s .357 158 plated bullets Sales?

    Get some lead, good mould, furnace and start casting.
  4. Kookla

    Lyman all American dies

    @Yamifrk the new decapping pins would work in the older all american dies.
  5. Kookla

    Single six hunter thoughts

    Not sure there's any difference in accuracy between the standard single sixes and the hunter. Hunter is just easier to mount a scope.
  6. Kookla

    Just learned that Lee is the only die maker that includes a shell holder.

    Lyman includes a shellholder with all of our die sets.
  7. Kookla

    Lyman case trimmer trouble

    @igotta40 Sorry to hear about this. How long have you had it for?
  8. Kookla

    Texas Longhorn Revolver?

    Book of the .44 by Taffin had something in there I think?
  9. Kookla

    Sublime days with firearms

    Condolences for your dad.
  10. Kookla

    Looking for a new powder scale.

    I use a Lyman Gen 6. It's solid.
  11. Kookla

    why unfluted cylinders?

    IMO, Ruger Bisley's look much better with unfluted cylinders.
  12. Kookla

    Is Lyman "M" expanding die a part of their Premium Carbide 3 Die Set?

    @Onty Hi Onty, I work for Mark 7 and Lyman Products. Our deluxe 3 piece carbide pistol dies include a sizing/decapping die, M die and a bullet seating die. Hope this helps. If you've had an issue with our customer service, please let me know. We have a really good team over here.
  13. Kookla

    Lyman Mark 10 price reduction

    No worries :) Both are impressive. Just wanted to add that a lot of our dealers are selling the Apex's at MAP. I can direct people to dealers nearby to them if that helps. We also have our showroom in FL where you can view our machines. I can also set up viewings in CT as well.
  14. Kookla

    Lyman Mark 10 price reduction

    @EricBu I agree with you. Will see who I can poke to get that information up on the site. Some of the other custom calibers that we've done include 8.6blk, 6.5x55 swede, 6.5 grendel, 6mm ARC, 6mm dasher, 6mm GT, 6.8 SPC, 30-30 and 45-70.
  15. Kookla

    Lyman Mark 10 price reduction

    The Revolution, Evolution and Apex have 12 calibers listed- we have done custom caliber conversions depending on OAL and such.
  16. Kookla

    Lyman Mark 10 price reduction

    @9mmepiphany Just a minor correction, the Genesys is a 10 station press, the new Titan has 12 stations. The lower price on the Apex was always a goal of ours- happy to see it go down. It's an amazing progressive press that is built for the long haul. Some of the round counts on Apex's out...
  17. Kookla

    Alex Tactical, a Dangerous Gun "Authority" ?

    wonder if it's an AI generated content site?
  18. Kookla

    45 Colt, Blackhawk or SAA?

    Regarding Ruger's fit and finish. Have two old three screws- single six and super black hawk, as well as two of the new model flattops. The best finish is on the 3 screw SBH. The best fit is on the new .45 flattop, the best combo of fit and finish is on the .357 anniversary flattop (but the...