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  1. MarshallDodge

    glock bulge now Shield bulge?

    Glocks are no more reliable than any other modern , upper tier pistol. Maybe even less so with the way they setup their extractors, as @9mmepiphany mentioned. I like the way HK does their barrels with the stepped chambers. It creates an issue with the cheap steel cased ammo but I only shoot...
  2. MarshallDodge

    Beretta M92 Issue

    The extractor still needs to be able to clear the chamber when unloading, etc. I'm with the extractor groove being too shallow theory.
  3. MarshallDodge

    Decide, les baer, wilson combat, ?

    Dan Wesson's quality has really improved over the years, and are a solid bang for the buck. I also agree about Stan and Ned. My limited interaction with them has been solid.
  4. MarshallDodge

    IMR 4198 for 30-30 and 32 win special

    To add to my previous post, Hodgdon has loading data for Benchmark, in both 30-30 and 32 Win Special. Velocities are a touch higher than 4198. Powder Valley has Benchmark in stock.
  5. MarshallDodge

    IMR 4198 for 30-30 and 32 win special

    I don't hunt with my 30-30, just need enough to put a hole in paper or ring some steel. Reduced H4895 load- 25.0 grains with 110 grain RMR round nose I also see Hodgdon lists Benchmark in their loads. That's a powder with a burn rate close to 4198, and may get you where you need to be.
  6. MarshallDodge

    Scoping a lever rifle

    No judgment from me 😎 I can still see well enough to use iron sights on my lever guns but I do have optics on my bolt guns and ARs.
  7. MarshallDodge

    glock bulge now Shield bulge?

    I think we are saying the same thing 😎
  8. MarshallDodge

    Taurus G3C owners

    Yeah, not sure why you would take a gamble on something like that. Maybe something like the PSA Dagger or a lightly used Sig, Glock, HK, CZ, or maybe a Ruger.
  9. MarshallDodge

    glock bulge now Shield bulge?

    It may or may not be a problem but the "Glock Smile" is a thing in older generations of Glock 9mm's.
  10. MarshallDodge

    Decide, les baer, wilson combat, ?

    My experience with Les Baer pistols is that they are built well with quality components, and they run. I picked up my first Baer about 15 years ago. That choice was made because back then, Wilson was cutting corners on components by using MIM parts. I'm not going to get into the pros and cons...
  11. MarshallDodge

    Starting a New Powder Lot

    That has been my experience but I don't load near max. The only powder that gave me some grief when changing lots was 8208XBR. Primers started getting pretty flat so I turned the load down a few tenths.
  12. MarshallDodge

    Any 243 fans left?

    I don't feel like the "more modern" cartridges have been released to replace the old ones. Typically, the new cartridge is introduced to fit in the short actions, or because of the need for a faster twist. The 243 that I own is about a 10 year old rifle and has a 1:9.25 twist. It will not...
  13. MarshallDodge

    Daughters .243 filled the freezer this morning

    The 243 takes down another one! Your daughter did good 😎
  14. MarshallDodge

    For the past week, what was it?

    124 +P 9mm Gold Dot
  15. MarshallDodge

    Point of diminishing return?

    Palmetto has a sale on the HK VP9 right now for $499, includes a coupon for a bunch of mags or other swag. That is a lot of gun for the money.
  16. MarshallDodge

    Anyone have this .243?

    I had an R700 in 6mm Rem that shot the 65 and 75 Vmax pretty well- could slay prairie dogs at 300 yards, and currently have one in 243 that shoots the 65's into 3/4" groups. Pretty sure those all have 1:9.25 twists.
  17. MarshallDodge

    Thanksgiving gun

    I'll probably wear my Kahr MK9.
  18. MarshallDodge

    Low recoil 243 win loads (child)

    I have never tried reduced H4895 loads in 243 but have had really good success in several other cartridges. H322 loads have worked for me in 308, and may work well in 243. If the muzzle is threaded, a muzzle brake can work wonders.
  19. MarshallDodge

    Colt vs. S&W vs. Ruger

    Smith and Wesson