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    Sig or PSA?

    I have no experience with Sig. I do have a PSA Dagger. The only issue I've had with the Dagger was a very stiff magazine release when new. It broke in & is fine now. I like it a lot. The ergonomics of the Dagger are nice. Ironically I see many people post that they remind them of the Sig.
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    My new CZ Accu-Shadow 2...

    Beautiful! A friend of mine is a self proclaimed CZ trigger snob. He bought a Shadow II Blue, then a 75 BD Compact, & a P-07. I have shot all of them. Now I find myself wanting a CZ.
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    Who should take care of shipping this gun back? The gun shop or Ruger ?

    I am curious about how long ago this was. Was this a new gun or had you owned it for some time? I sent one gun back to Ruger because of an issue with the finish. They paid shipping both ways & I had it back in a week. The issue was minor. If I encountered the same issue now I would just take...
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    Replacing/upgrading nightstand pistol

    I was going to suggest the P09 deal. Probably not any help but I got to shoot a friends P07 yesterday. Nice pistol.
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    Point of diminishing return?

    I voted $200 & up. I honestly believe I could pick up something for under $200 new & probably be fine. If that was all I had I would buy a SCYY. Not what I want but I believe it would work. I bought a Ruger Max-9 this year for $279. I've had an issue but that was caused by me unintentionally...
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    Purchased Springfield Echelon To Replace CZ P-09. Well, Not So Fast,...

    I have had a disappointing range session with a new gun before. Sometimes it just takes some shooting to get used to things.
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    Another Turkish Clone

    I got to shoot a Girsan Hi-Power clone. It was a very nice pistol.
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    Good/Bad Areas and What to Carry

    In all honesty I just look at this as a matter of personal choice. Ever since I started carrying a gun I have been looking for the perfect carry pistol. I started with a Ruger P944 (.40 P94). Next came an XD-40 service, then a Kel-Tec P-11, then a Taurus Millenium Pro PT-111 G-2, then a M&P 2.0...
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    Best all reason all season semiauto

    I like the small nines for carry but the title says, "Best all reason-all season semi-auto". For that of what I have it would be my M&P 2.0 40 Compact 4". Basically G-19 sized, 40 caliber decent capacity, & slightly more power than a 9. Small enough to conceal. Large enough to be easier to shoot...
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    Best budget AR

    I have no idea. While I have gotten to shoot a few others the only AR I've owned was a PSA kit I bought during the Obama years. It was their premium rifle kit with a forged, chrome lined barrel that came as an assembled upper & lower parts kit. I wound up putting their EPT trigger in it, adding...
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    Range report. PSA Dagger

    Glad you got it. In all honesty I haven't messed with my Daggers trigger because I like it. I am glad you got yours more to your liking though. I am thinking about changing a shoe on another pistol but it isn't because of the weight or length of pull I just don't like the shape.
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    Springfield XD in 2023?

    I had a XD-40 Service & carried it for several years. It was accurate & reliable. The biggest downside for me is that those guns have a high bore axis & there are other guns that fit my hand better (work better ergonomically for me). There is nothing wrong with them. The only question is whether...
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    What is your favorite polymer frame center fire pistol?

    I wasn't going to vote but finally broke. I voted S&W because I like the ergonomics. While it is an inexpensive pistol I actually like the ergonomics of the Dagger a lot.
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    Range report. PSA Dagger

    I have not actually done this but I read a lot of posts on the PSA Dagger F-book page. If I recall correctly they said to wiggle the slide stop to take tension off the spring that rides on the pin that holds the trigger as you push. I am generally reluctant to share things I have not experienced...
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    Help deciding next concealed carry

    If you want a larger grip or a longer sight radius a larger gun might be the answer. If capacity is the issue you could buy some of the Micro Dagger magazines PSA recently released & they would give you 15 rounds in that 43X.
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    A different way to hold an auto pistol

    That is the way I pull a trigger. I use the crease in my finger behind my knuckle. With some smaller guns I use the middle part of my finger in between the creases. It works better for me than trying to contort to get my fingertip on the trigger. Edited to Add: I do that with just about any pistol.
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    Increased Power Recoil Spring?

    It depends on the gun. If there is a chance I might carry it I clean after every range trip. I wont carry a dirty gun. I honestly think this gun requires a firmer grip. The micros are different from larger guns.
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    Increased Power Recoil Spring?

    I have cleaned & lubricated it after every range trip.
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    Range report. PSA Dagger

    To the best of my knowledge the locking block is different, the Dagger uses roll pins instead of solid pins like a Glock & the Dagger striker wont work in a Glock but a 3rd generation G-19 striker will work in a Dagger.
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    Increased Power Recoil Spring?

    It runs fine with 124 grain Hornady XTP. I wanted to use the 147 grain because most gel tests seem to indicate that heavy for caliber bullets expand more reliably from short barreled 9mm pistols. Of course, if the pistol will not reliably chamber & fire them that is a moot point. It did feed 40...