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    .40 vs 10mm for CCW/Self-Defense (Against Humans)

    I mean, it's good to know the lessons learned repeatedly over the last 30 years haven't changed, I guess.
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    All arrived within the last week. Top to bottom: Vehement Knives K2 (midtech - assembled, finished, and sharpened by Vehement Knives from blade blanks and handle material machined by White River Knife and Tool). Double-black canvas micarta with mosaic pins and red liners, "OG Tigerstripe"...
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    I've really wanted a Hossom Narc for a long time, and the old-style Dog Tag.
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    Midtech Vehement Knives drop at DLT Trading! Still a bunch available, this was a 400-500 knife release. This one is on its way to me... had a hard time picking from my top five choices or so. Satin finish double-black canvas micarta over red liners with mosaic pins. Tiger stripe CPM154 blade...
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    Front Sight for .327 LCR ?

    XS Big Dot, I would say.
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    Luck and speed today at DLT... nine second checkout time on what was probably a sub-fifteen second sellout to get one of a dozen custom K2s by Vehement Knives in advance of a bigger midtech release of the same model. Hand-ground, hand-rubbed finish CPM154 with a tapered tang, glossy natural...
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    Ruger SP101 327 Federal Now Shipping

    I am not a reloader, but I remember reading someplace that lead reloads in hot calibers is always a leading issue but that using gas check bullets should resolve most of that.
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    Here's the five latest. Clockwise from top: 1. MKM TPF in MagnaCut and red Dark Matter FatCarbon scales. This is a Bob Terzuola design. 2. Bladeforums 2023 Forum Knife, a GEC 34 humpback whittler in 1095 and autumn jigged bone. 3. GEC/Tidioute 56 reverse dogleg jack in 1095 and natural linen...
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    Ruger SP101 327 Federal Now Shipping

    Don't need to pick it up from that site necessarily, I see them on Gunbroker, so clearly distributors and dealers are getting them now.
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    Why did no one bid my gun?

    1. A big thing is that right now guns and knives seem to be a bit of a buyer's market. Nothing anyone can do about that individually. But you should set your expectations accordingly. You are selling a common gun of no particular rarity or value, and it's used. Guns like that don't sell for...
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    Old dog, new tricks- learning to live with an RDS on a pistol

    My experience is that pistol optics are less forgiving than irons of inconsistent presentation of the gun to the firing position, but you gain substantially in distance precision and accuracy. What I mean by the former is that when you draw a pistol, if were to close your eyes and only use body...
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    Is the market for custom beautiful wood-stocked and blued rifles dying out?

    The market is probably about the same I think. I don't think there ever was a time when beautiful custom rifles with high-grade bluing and figured, checkered wood was the standard. That was always too expensive for most. It's just that the base rifle is no longer blued steel and walnut, but...
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    Three newest for me. Carothers Performance Knives Fireman's Breaching Knife. This is 0.35" of Delta CPM3V designed to withstand up to 1,500 pounds of lateral force and be used a cold chisel or prybar or in conjunction with a section of pipe as a cheater bar. CPK Utility Fighter 2. I really...
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    Not your grandfather's gravity knife

    Wish gravity knives and autos were legal in Minnesota. Really love the Fat Carbon... the red/white/blue Nebula pattern and the orange/green/back 80's pattern are my favorites. Looks like a great desk fidget knife.
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    What is the last knife you bought?

    Carothers Performance Knives... by far my favorite maker. Small-batch CNC shop, proprietary CPM3V heat treat, great folks to work with. This is a one-off version of the Super Duty Field Knife model that Nathan calls the "Abdominal Ventilation Tool." Double-red micarta handles with dark...
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    Picked up that unissued 1945 Remington Rand 1911. Need help with value

    Congratulations! It was a very nice wartime gun. I'm quite attached to the two I have and I'm jonesing for a second crack at the CMP ones.
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    Which CC auto 9MM and why?

    Same issue for me, solved the same way.
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    Thoughts on current KaBars?

    DO IT. But pay $385 to get the Chattanooga Leather Works kydex sheath upgrade. The Ka-Bar leather sheath is honestly a hazard and should be looked at more as a blade protector than a usable sheath.
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    Picked up my won Echelon today

    I want a compact and a compact .45 ACP.