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  1. JT-AR-MG42

    Can You Remove Engraving

    OP is not clear if the SS number was actually engraved or, most likely, scratched in with an electric pencil. Over the years, I've been able to mostly get rid of electric pencil jobs with a dremel and/or a drill with a slightly bent dremel attachment shaft. Using the power of the dremel to speed...
  2. JT-AR-MG42

    Herco in 9mm?

    I've shot Herco in 9mm (as well as many other calibers from 32acp thru the .44s) for over 30 years. 6.4 grs. with Hornaday's 124 gr. FMJ. My favorite powder in both the .380 and the 9. The Hercules powder company liked it so much they named it after their company (you know, way back when...
  3. JT-AR-MG42

    What's coming home Friday?

    I'll guess the Krieghoff K32 - Valmet 412 - Remington 3200, since the original Remington 32 was pre-war. JT
  4. JT-AR-MG42

    Guess The Rifle Cartridge

    Those creases are usually caused by the application of too much lubricant being used in the forming process. JT
  5. JT-AR-MG42

    Colt Shooting Master

    Thanks for sharing Dave! JT
  6. JT-AR-MG42

    Most reliable 22 LR ammo?

    I would get some RWS or Lapua if choosing to carry a .22. JT
  7. JT-AR-MG42

    Accurate 5744 Powder Pricing

    I agree with dannyd on this. I remember when it was first introduced. Now here I disagree a bit. When it was introduced, they (either Western or Accurate, to many years ago!!) ran a special on it at two or three dollars a pound to get the word about it out. My friend and I both bought 32 lbs...
  8. JT-AR-MG42

    First outing with my Colt 'Pre-Woodsman' .22 Auto

    Class act Dave! I did the same once and went to great lengths to both make it up to him as well as to never repeat it. Nice problem to have. Congrats on the pistols, especially the Sport. JT
  9. JT-AR-MG42

    Walther P38 Owners - A Few Questions

    Mauser (byf code) used cursive letter suffixes on their pistols up into the 'p' block IIRC. Waffenampt acceptance stamps changed around this time as well. After reaching and using the 'z' block and the second 'no letter block', they used block letters on the second time through and ended German...
  10. JT-AR-MG42

    5744 vs 2230 for .45-70 Lever

    I'll second dhs post. 27 or 29 grains of 5744 with either the Gould HP/solid or lee's 340 gr. FN makes for a fun and accurate load in my 95 and in an H&R trapdoor. As an aside, I remember when Accurate was the new kid on the block and introduced 5744 for the introductory price of 2 or 3 dollars...
  11. JT-AR-MG42

    If you were restricted to CC a BP revolver, what would it be.....

    Hey Gordon, Make sure to get a few 'before' pics to share and compare to the 'after'. JT
  12. JT-AR-MG42

    What WON'T you carry and why?

    1911, at least in a boot holster. Carried a Gold Cup in one for 2 years back in bell bottom days. After I retired it, took me several weeks to re-learn to walk without throwing the right leg way out front. That missing two pounds made a difference. I have saved the holster and the bell bottoms...
  13. JT-AR-MG42

    20 guage question

    Ain't it the truth. I have a good pile of the various AR chamberings from 224 valkyrie thru the .45 versions. Still trying to remember the last time I found 1x AAs or Nitros on the ground at a shoot though. I just bought six flats of AA 28 ga. (factory ammo) at an estate sale (on the last day)...
  14. JT-AR-MG42

    20 guage question

    Amen brother! LOL on the crimp quality of some of them too. The OP is best served with quality hulls to have on hand for future re-loading. The higher initial price of the best hulls (for me it's the AA) is quickly off-set by their longer lasting reload-ability while maintaining consistent...
  15. JT-AR-MG42

    Colt Anaconda & Bill Wilson Sights

    Thanks for the informative and no nonsense post. The time you spent putting this post together and then sharing with the members is what makes THR the best. JT P.S. I really see now that the Anaconda factory rear sight does look sort of chintzy.
  16. JT-AR-MG42

    Huh. Ruger cerakoted my Wrangler bore. No wonder its inaccurate.

    I do not doubt you or this story silicosys. However, it stretches the imagination to believe that even with the overall poor/spotty product quality Ruger is becoming known for that they would send you such a target without a punchline. Pity, Ruger used to be known for quality, not for having a...
  17. JT-AR-MG42

    Stamp arrival

    Hey, KY DAN, it could be worse. Here in Oregon the State Police conduct background checks, (for the money), and do not allow dealers any other option for completing transfers. I filled out a 4473 for a trapdoor single shot yesterday and am currently number 10,000 out of over 20,000 in line...
  18. JT-AR-MG42

    John Bianchi’s first holster

    Thank you for sharing the story with us. Posts like yours are why I enjoy this site so much. A big Bianchi fan here. JT
  19. JT-AR-MG42

    Handgun Pictures

    LOL! Close to the same situation for me. Lots of 66s, so here's mine. I bought a 2 1/2" 66 within a month of seeing 'The Gauntlet', but since the gun was a real shooting dog I did not regret moving it. Did finally decide to try it again though. The 19 really outshoots the 66, but I just...
  20. JT-AR-MG42

    Ruger Mini 14

    I'm keeping mine. Had it for quite a few years now. It carries (muzzle forward over the shoulder) much better for blackjacks than the brand/type you never asked about in the first place.;) And remember that Col. Jeff kept his Mini (one of only a few guns) until his passing and he was not a fan...