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  1. WestKentucky

    Who had a reloading mentor and I’m looking for one local

    I beg your pardon! I’m here to be a smartass every chance I get! Maybe I missed a thread… or two… hundred.
  2. WestKentucky

    Range discard bin ammunition

    Only thing that really comes to mind are things that obviously shouldn’t happen, like 45 colt in an ancient gun that may not handle modern loads, or shooting range-finds in a trapdoor Springfield. The rest should be pretty obvious, but don’t ever assume that a semi-rimmed 32acp that fits in a...
  3. WestKentucky

    I was forced to buy a handgun today

    I would have been so excited over the p32 I wouldn’t have seen the sig or springer. I have been looking to scratch the p32 itch for about 6 years and no dice.
  4. WestKentucky

    T/C Encore Carbine project, continued ...

    I would just be happy to find a handi-rifle in any flavor. They are super scarce now. I used to have a half dozen because they were so cheap I could get them thrown in on swaps, but not anymore. I did buy an interesting critter this past year though. A 50 cal muzzleloader with a quick finger...
  5. WestKentucky

    T/C Encore Carbine project, continued ...

    I have a similar project in mind. 30 carbine necked to 6.5mm. Slightly scaled down version of your idea and would be quite suitable for light actions and short barrels like a TC contender might use. I need to make a contender barrel stub, then seat and chamber an old arisaka barrel just to see...
  6. WestKentucky

    Would You Schofield?

    I think that Barra (brand of my Schofield) has some really slick historical models, some of Which are pretty realistic recreations in airgun form, but some are just flat awful and are similar in visual cues from a distance when backlit by the sun on a bluebird sky day. My Barra Schofield was...
  7. WestKentucky

    Would You Schofield?

    They feel odd to me. I have a BB gun version which is lightweight and balances well but the real deal feels front heavy and a bit awkward. I would buy one if I had that kind of disposable cash but I would not buy one expecting it to be anything more than a range toy.
  8. WestKentucky

    New hunting vehicle,need firearm mount advice

    I liked a Koplin when I had an ATV and then I mounted one on a sporty street bike for a short while (ninja zx6 maybe, i had a few bikes at that juncture of life). I still have the case, and when I build my 73 sportster I will mount it on there. The key to a koplin case is to make it easily...
  9. WestKentucky

    Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Mexico’s Suit Against US Gunmakers

    Maybe they should have named Wayne LaPierre too. It’s ludicrous but it’s a blue state court so no surprises.
  10. WestKentucky

    A Fixed Stock's & Fixed Carry Handle's Love Is Very Different From That Of A Square....

    My first AR was a beat to snot Colt HBAR Match rifle that had rode around behind the seat of a truck for about 30 years with zero cleaning or maintenance. I bought it cheap and ripped it apart, cleaned everything up and got it where I thought it might actually work again and sold it back to the...
  11. WestKentucky

    what would be everyones, go to rifle.

    I’m gonna be persnickety here. My go to carbine is a very basic junker build AR that actually runs surprisingly well and shoots straight. Every part was second hand and compromised in some way except for the Romeo 5 on top of it. I like the gun, but I have another I would prefer to use if it...
  12. WestKentucky

    Removing rusted screw with buggered head. Got it out; update p.3 post #70

    I did almost exactly that once when I was about 10 years old. I couldn’t get a socket to quit slipping on an old dirt bike my great uncle had given us. It’s the bike I learned to wrench on. So dad had some JB weld that he had used on the lawn mower for something and I ended up JB Welding a...
  13. WestKentucky

    Removing rusted screw with buggered head. Got it out; update p.3 post #70

    Old school hammer type manual impact. Be gentle. My impact is a harbor freight variety and serves me very well when something is seriously stuck. It’s a jarring motion with twist and downward force to prevent slippage all at once. I didn’t see until after I posted that you got it out. Congrats.
  14. WestKentucky

    My dad's stolen 1911 is back home

    I love it when a sentimental gun finds its way home. I have a handful that went walkabout as my grandfather lay dying at the rest home. They made their way back to grandma and when I went to take them in she told me to keep them. It’s a great feeling to touch and use a sentimental item, even...
  15. WestKentucky

    Am I th only one who would like a good reasonably priced AR type Bolt gun?

    I absolutely would love a bolt platform utilizing AR parts. With barrel extensions being what they are it would end up being a straight pull bolt action unless you used a totally different carrier setup, but either way yes. Minimal magazine well because bolt rifles probably aren’t gonna be...
  16. WestKentucky

    Colt DS

    I did too. Most of the colt smiths that were ever worth mentioning are gone. Those guns were hand tuned and todays lot of part swapper “gunsmiths” can’t make an old colt even close to what it once was. It’s nice to know that there are still options.
  17. WestKentucky

    Matador Mat-9 vs Stribog SP9-A3

    I’m actually looking forward to the cheapest of all of these type of guns, the bufferless AR9 from bear creek arsenal. Sub $400 for a similar layout, but I would not expect nearly the same build quality, but if the gun runs reliably it would be an absolute steal at 1/2 price of the competition…...
  18. WestKentucky

    Project Glock chop

    There was some talk about it. Not sure if it came to fruition. With the 10mm craze I would say it’s a 50-50 chance.
  19. WestKentucky

    Project Glock chop

    Mark it off with painters tape and take your time. Glock frames and Faux Glock frames are so cheap that I would absolutely consider those as an option before chopping up a factory frame. Large frame isn’t as common, but the price jump is nonexistent because a Glock reciever is a Glock reciever...
  20. WestKentucky

    2024 NFA direction

    2024, election year, stuff bouncing around SCOTUS, and an almost guaranteed ban panic looming just around the corner… What’s a guy to do? Things change and legal interpretation sadly changes what is legal or not rather than codified statutory regulation. I’m curious, what seems to make the...