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  1. MarshallDodge

    What motivates your gun-related expenditures?

    All of the above? 😁
  2. MarshallDodge

    Is Whether Or Not You Can Legally Carry The Deciding Factor On Where You Go?

    Yes, I consider where I travel or visit based on the location being 2A friendly. I carry as often as I can, wherever I can.
  3. MarshallDodge

    9mm target load

    The key to an accurate load is a good bullet. The Hornady HAP and Precision Delta HP are accurate choices. Ramshot Silhouette with a 124 HP from Precision Delta have shot well for me, but N320 and WSF have yielded good results as well.
  4. MarshallDodge

    What .308 BA would you buy if you had a $2000 budget for gun and optic?

    Tikka or build something on an Aero Solus action exactly the way I want. With the prefit barrels available, you could put it together at home.
  5. MarshallDodge

    Another flavor

    More shooting today. Still struggling with getting the trigger consistent. I may need to give up and put a good aftermarket on it. Three 5-shot groups with 62 grain bullets that were pull downs.
  6. MarshallDodge

    Welp, I bought a stripped lower

    AR-15 Discounts is having a sale, 15% off with MOVING15
  7. MarshallDodge

    Hodgdon Superformance (powder)

    With two books giving starting data around 60 grains, this is where I would start.
  8. MarshallDodge

    what would be everyones, go to rifle.

    16" AR in 5.56 with an LPVO
  9. MarshallDodge

    Here is something for folks to get AMPed up about! Bullet Seating With Software: Precision AMP Press

    I think it is a valid starting point, before trying everything else. How do you know if your neck tension is consistent? You can go ahead with annealing, swapping neck bushings, turning, etc but which of those is actually doing something? It is a very expensive tool for typical reloader, and...
  10. MarshallDodge

    Long Range Rifle/Scope/PRS question(s)

    Have you found success with 15.5? I have 8lbs of it sitting here. A local guy bought it when it first came out and never opened it, decided on another powder. I'm going to try it in my Dasher whenever I start loading for it.
  11. MarshallDodge

    9mm 1911 ,who would want one ?

    I've owned a Springfield Loaded 1911 in 9mm for almost 20 years. My son shot it in competition while in his teen years and I only remember one malfunction during that time. If you are going to carry one, I would recommend something with a 4 or 4.25" slide. They are a little lighter, and the...
  12. MarshallDodge

    Did Some 50 Yard Practice With Latest 10/22 Build

    There are some really nice looking groups mixed in there. What optic are you using? Does the parallax adjust down to 50 yards? Shooting a semi auto can sure get interesting.
  13. MarshallDodge

    New Remington Production Quality

    No personal experience but I am reading good reports.
  14. MarshallDodge

    Used AR Prices?

    My friend picked up two never fired PSAs for $500. That's on the low end, typically they are closer to $400 each asking price.
  15. MarshallDodge

    Cheapest complete AR lower

    $99, unassembled but billet
  16. MarshallDodge

    Missed out on a $1200 Kimber Gold Combat Stainless 2 … by 1 minutes

    If you can find a Dan Wesson Valor or Vigil for 1200, jump on it.
  17. MarshallDodge

    Bore axis in autos

    The bore axis is only one small aspect of a hand gun. It doesn't mean a lot to me.
  18. MarshallDodge

    Missed out on a $1200 Kimber Gold Combat Stainless 2 … by 1 minutes

    1,200 seem high. I believe the "2" models had the firing pin safety which decreases the value in my opinion.
  19. MarshallDodge

    Case lube shootout

    How does Minwax compare? Good substitute?
  20. MarshallDodge

    Can anyone identify this bullet?

    Measuring the length and using this list may help you narrow it down