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    Which gun for home defense

    Why not take take a look at the Taurus 3 inch 856. They come with a night sight plus it conceals easy if you decide to carry it.
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    Colt Agent Refinish

    Cerakote Go on thir website they show all their colors Have someone who specializes in applying cc Cerakote If your in illinois I can recomend someone
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    Revolvers You’d Like To See Return

    Smith and Wesson 65 Lady Smith
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    What is your primary carry configuration

    Depending on what im doing or where im going. Either a Glock 43X with a spare mag or a smith 442 with a speed loader.
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    Let's see your Double actions!!

    Whats that ammo in the picrure?
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    PPU 38 special 130 grain FMJ

    The Magtech 158FMJ is great accurate and clean
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    3inch Revolver Bed Side Companion – Bump In The Night

    Another vote for the Smith
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    New Colt King Cobra

    28 oz
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    .38 special loads for a gunfight?

    How about a 230 grain full wadcutter but I will stay with the 148's
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    American Rifleman: Testing the 38 Special

    To answer a question, "why no one make Cirillo's Safe Stop Waductter". The person who made the bullets for him Fuzzy Fletcher told me When Jim passed his son did not want move forward with the project. I am currently the owner of the press that make the bullets and I also have the load data.
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    American Rifleman: Testing the 38 Special

    These were the full wadcutter bulletx Jim Cirillo ussed. He named them the "Safe Stop"
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    These are the V notched bullets designed by Jim Cirillo The other picture is jims load fired from a 2 inch colt and 4 inch into water jugs. I hve the bullets and his press and dies to make them!
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    What Is Your Fantasy Wheelgun Remake ?

    3 inch S&W model 65 Lady Smith in stainless and in blue!!!!
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    P64 Holster

    Go to go to holsters the have a nice leather holster made by a compnay named Bulldog for $14.00 get the small it fits the P64 Pete
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    Strawhat I have 4 of 3 inch 36's. I do want a stainles 60 the one I wish they made would be a 60 in 357 with the full lug barrel and fixed sights!!! Kind of like a 60-9 with an other half of inch of barrel!!
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    I just wish they made the 3 inch 60 with fixed sights!!!:)
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    Sources for 158 HP-LSWC

    Widners reloading has the Speer 158 LSWCHP on sale right now don't remember the price and don't quote me I think $39 for 500
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    What is your favorite model of glock

    Glock 19 can carry on and off duty. I have 1 gen2 2 gen3's and a gen 4 but alway's carry the gen2.
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    Non +P .38spl defense cartridge recommendations?

    +++ for the full wadcutter if the Buffalo Bore is to hot Double Tap has a full hardcast wadcutter load rated at 750 fps out of a snub. Also they come in 50 round boxes instead of the BB 20 round boxes for $5 more a box!!!
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    Buffing Coumpound in tumbling media?

    Try a 2 cap full of NU Finish car polish. works great