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  1. BBBBill

    Savage Accutrigger Question

    Using those same springs, yes, you do lose that ability. As noted, replacement springs are available, and using new springs will restore the original state.
  2. BBBBill

    Assemble or disassemble for parkerizing.

    I have used an old Pyrex dish that my wife was going to throw out to do a small batch of parts. So heat safe glass will work, too. The problem will be finding one large/deep enough to do anything but small batches. If you decide to try a Pyrex type dish don't use your wife's without permission...
  3. BBBBill

    Assemble or disassemble for parkerizing.

    The phosphoric acid in the Parkerizing solution will eat the aluminum. The tank won't fail the first, second, or 20th timme you use it for that, but you don't want the disolved aluminum in the mix with the Park getting deposited on your gun. No one knows what effect that will have on the finish...
  4. BBBBill

    1910 Browning barrel bushing

    I wish you success in your search for the original and/or a replacement. If all else fails, a chunk of steel, a lathe, a mill, and a couple hours will get you a new one.
  5. BBBBill

    Marlin 1873 Hand Fabrication

    Not familiar with the design of the gun you're working, so generic info here. Some revolver designs depend on both length and width of the hand as both surfaces perform a function at a specific point in the rotation and lockup of the cylinder. Others depend only on the length of the hand. You...
  6. BBBBill

    BHP wide trigger upgrade?

    Yes. I should stop doing posts when I'm half asleep at 2AM.
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    Dayton trigger ID?

    It must be for the P-14/17 Enfield, not the British SMLE in any version.
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    BHP wide trigger upgrade?

    I've used the C&S a couple times. The Apex High Power stuff is new to the market, but their other stuff that I've used is very good. Blackhawk Nighthawk bought the rights to Jim Garthwaite's High Power components and has offered their trigger for a short while. Folks were pretty high on that...
  9. BBBBill

    Assemble or disassemble for parkerizing.

    Stainless is best by far.
  10. BBBBill

    Illegal migration crisis.............of my hammer pin

    True. I would not attempt to diagnose a medical problem or do surgery on someone. Some of my doctor friends can barely field strip their firearms. They express envy when I make detailed disassembly look easy and salivate over some of my builds. I tell them to just keep on doing what they do well...
  11. BBBBill

    Illegal migration crisis.............of my hammer pin

    All of what @a5werkes said, but this quote is the most common cause that I've run across when assisting others debug their home builds.
  12. BBBBill

    Filing welds

    Jim French in Georgia?
  13. BBBBill

    Project Glock chop

    Glocks are easy. I did one years ago when the Clinton era hi cap magazine ban was in effect. Chopped a 19 down to 26 size butt. How good it look is up your patience and skill. Mostly patience. Whether it is a good idea on a 10mm is a totally different question. The Glock 20 is much softer...
  14. BBBBill


    I don't believe so, but some folks blue over Park. The Park has to be fresh with no oil in it for that to be successful.
  15. BBBBill

    Where to get a 9mm rifle barrel? Not for AR I'm sure...
  16. BBBBill

    AR .22 conversion. Sticky

    Is this a dedicated .22LR gun or will you be swapping back and forth to 5.56? If you're going to be swapping then it is critical that the gas tube be the correct length and at the correct location to mate with the carrier key on the 5.56 bolt. If not you don't need the gas tube at all. Not the...
  17. BBBBill

    Help with a Smith and Wesson 686

    Mishpelinng are my speshultee.
  18. BBBBill

    AR .22 conversion. Sticky

    NOOOO!!!! Lol! Relieve the top of the bolt assembly to clear the gas tube as shown in 1KPerDay's photo.
  19. BBBBill

    Help with a Smith and Wesson 686

    That is my interpretation of the correct method and the procedure that I have used successfully on the few that I've done. I do see one probelm. You misspelled "uppppppppper". :p
  20. BBBBill

    AR .22 conversion. Sticky

    Now I'm confused. Your WHAT is a Glock? The AR that you're trying to get the .22LR conversion to work in?