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    What good are .22 LR shotshells?

    I have used 9mm and 40S&W shotshell rounds from CCI to dispatch snakes on the property. Only really works well with a good placed headshot. In 22LR your shot capacity is about half the grain weight compared to 40S&W but only 20ish grains lighter than 9mm. Personally I don't have a use for a 22LR...
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    Assemble or disassemble for parkerizing.

    Parkerizing is a very easy process to do. But it is important not to skip or cut corners. You want the tank to be "non-reactive." In the case of using any gun metal finish, that is stainless steel. Here is a good, short video from the wizards at Brownells...
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    What 9mm Defensive Ammunition do You Carry?

    Golden Saber 124gr +p for most of my handguns. My smaller 9mm likes IMI 124gr +p better though.
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    Undercut 1911 trigger guard - worth it?

    125 is what most gun smiths would charge just for a Cerakote job. So the price is pretty reasonable for the work. It won't be the same but look for another 1911 with an undercut trigger somewhere in a gun shop. Handle that one and see if you like the difference. That will give you an idea if...
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    Too Paranoid?

    I had a fragile package shipped to me from Brownells through FedEx. When the package arrived everything inside was too damaged to be used. Brownells put a note on my account to never use Fedex for my orders. Everything has come UPS from them since. I think a lot of workers at FexEx are anti-gun...
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    One rifle only.

    Yes. But when has that ever stopped us before? If I had to pick one rifle to do it all hunting, all the defenses, etc. I would pick an AR-10 build in 308 and throw a suppressor on it. Balance out ammo capacity and range without restrictions.
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    AR spare parts kit

    I have a few of these kits as just in case replacements for breakages or a part gets lost to the Murphy black hole. Has saved me from order something many times.
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    Henrys new .223/5.56 rifle

    I would like one in 308. My AR in 556 already covers what I need in that caliber.
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    3 or 6 MOA Red Dot for Pistol?

    For the most part, your eye will pick up larger dots faster. In a self defense situation, and what we train for, speed is more important than long range accuracy. FWIW my carry sight uses a 32 MOA outer circle for fast acquisition.
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    Have you guys seen CCI's new jacketed 22LR? Uppercut 22 Long Rifle 32 Grain

    My preferred round for a coyote is 5.56. But that is only because I don't own a 22 Magnum rifle at the moment. Something I hope to change this year. Shots on my property can get a little too far than I want to use 22LR for. But a box of uppercut 22LR is going to be cheaper than a 22M rifle any...
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    How many striker fired DA/SA pistols are available?

    Both of which had numerous issues with parts made by different companies in different countries. SW99 and MR9s are not considered nearly as reliable as the P99 they copied or were partially made under license by Walther. And I have fired both. They are still trash in my opinion. And while the...
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    Please recommend a POCKET holster for a P-365 w/manual safety.

    Fair enough. My pocket holster is a Remora. And I absolutely hate it. Only reason I use it is because it is the only pocket holster I have found so far that fits my obscure pocket gun + weapon light. Despite the name, the Remora does not stay in my pocket at all when I pull the firearm out...
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    How many striker fired DA/SA pistols are available?

    P99 is the best and only one I know of. I lump poorly made clones like the Desert Eagle MR9 and the Canik TP9SF as trash pistols trying to be original.
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    Have you guys seen CCI's new jacketed 22LR? Uppercut 22 Long Rifle 32 Grain

    For me, it is an interesting introduction for killing small stuff. Maybe up to/including coyotes. But for a person? I will pass for any centerfire self defense bullet.
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    ?? Trust "expert" YouTubers ??

    I have been saying since YouTube came out that just because someone has a channel doesn't make them a good source of information.
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    Prescription eye protection

    I have been using ballistic eye pro in my prescription from sportrx ever since my Army days. About 14 years now. A lot of really popular brand names like Wiley and Oakley, with ANSI Rx lenses slapped in them.
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    Anybody strip a Marlin mar-shield stock?

    I recently refinished part of my Marlin stock to cover up some wear marks and holes. High grit sandpaper (500 I believe) worked through the polyurethane top coat easily. Citristrip is my go to for nearly any wood project I need to refinish. But didn't need to strip it on mine. When I did a...
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    Please recommend a POCKET holster for a P-365 w/manual safety.

    Alabama Holsters does make a holster for the 365 w/ safety. Any reason you aren't going with them for the Sig even though you like the holsters?
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    Scoping a Marlin / Ruger Lever

    I have a Leupold VXIII 1.5-4x20 on my Marlin from the 80s. The 1.5x power is low enough you feel like you are using iron or peep sights. And 4x is plenty for the short range 35Rem of the rifle. It is a great pairing that I will never break up as long as I own it. Not sure the base but it sits...
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    .30 Super or .30 Luger? *read first post*

    7.5" example is a heck of a lot closer than comparing an M1 Carbine to a 30 Super Carry pocket gun. Thanks for the article. I think 30 Carbine is a woefully under utilized round and deserves a comeback.