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    Never been a big fan of the semi-auto. Except

    Please, no offense intended to revolver fans. I get the attraction, and many are superb example of fine machinery. I just never felt enough of a desire to own one to cause me to shell out the bucks. It's probably my bias towards newer tech stuff over older tech stuff. I just view the revolver...
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    accuwedge? they do. But, some with have a little more play than others due to stacking tolerances. So, wedge it or use the expandable pin to tighten it up *if it bothers you.* I've seen those rubber wedges. I believe they are made out of a silicone rubber that is generally pretty durable and...
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    An interesting Mosin-Nagant. Help, please?

    First, I'm neither a collector nor expert on these interesting rifles. However, I do have one in my possession which is very special--it's been in the family since 1951--and quite possibly a direct capture from communist forces. I only recently decided to see if the darn thing is shootable...
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    CCW When would you draw???

    That makes no sense at all as a hard and fast rule. One that could lead to personal disaster. K
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    Couple pics of my new 556

    Suh-weet! Great photography. K
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    How many .22's do you own?

    I own a Ruger Mark II, w/5in bull barrel. Also, an old Mossberg Model 144 Target. I doubt I will ever part with either. K
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    Wa state alert: Seattle mayor will ban guns, opined that enacting a ban wouldn't stand a legal challenge, and the ban would be overturned--in the AG's opinion. It might, it might not. But, *enacting* the ban isn't a crime. Enforcing the ban isn't a crime either, unless and until the ban is overturned by a court with jurisdiction. K
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    Wa state alert: Seattle mayor will ban guns

    Are you a lawyer? Your tagline says no, and it shows. You are wrong in the way you are interpreting the laws you cited. No, I'm not a lawyer either, so I guess that makes it my opinion against yours. And, where did I say I think a public official can do whatever they want without consequence...
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    Wa state alert: Seattle mayor will ban guns

    Respectfully, get a grip. A public official trying to enact what may or may not be an "illegal" law is not an arrestable offense, if an offense at all. It simply becomes a matter of the law being challenged in court to determine its legal status. I bet you can't cite a single case where a mayor...
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    Whats your Assault Rifle of choice

    Go with a good AR15 platform in whatever configuration you want. If you've got lots of money for this new interest, there are hardly any other rifles you can throw so much money at for accessories. And, one big advantage of the AR platform--the ability to swap out uppers in different...
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    CCW Denied

    How about more information? What state? What does your state say are the requirements for CCW permit? When was the last time you bought a gun that required a Brady check? Why the heck would you have to voluntarily turn in your guns? K
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    go to dc to show obama our numbers

    Umm, what are we protesting? Has he proposed anything yet? Have any bills come out of committee? I've been spending some time over at the DemocraticUnderground Forums to see what's going on in their little minds. There have been several threads about what everyone things should be on the...
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    The 8 year old with the Uzi accident brings back painful memory

    The visual of what you were describing is chilling. Thank goodness nothing happened. Whew! K
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    Got into a discussion about firearms/gun control with my liberal teacher

    I have no idea. 10) "Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream." —LaCrosse, Wis., Oct. 18, 2000 (Listen to audio clip) 9) "I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family." —Greater Nashua, N.H., Jan. 27, 2000(Listen to audio clip) 8) "I hear there's...
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    Got into a discussion about firearms/gun control with my liberal teacher

    First, I am a teacher, and obviously not anti-gun. I know many gun-owning shooting enthusiasts among my colleagues. In fact, it was due to a couple of teacher friends inviting me along to the range that rekindled an interest in shooting as an adult many years ago. I, personally, do not know of...
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    So now what???

    The political climate referred to is the situation following the VT shooting and the questions regarding the shooter's mental state. The question was asked over and over as to how someone with a mental illness could legally acquire firearms. So, given that climate, I'm not optimistic about your...
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    SAD News-Boy killed with NFA weapon-in Mass.

    Oh, here's one that *could* have turned out just as badly: That AK muzzle comin' atcha kinda makes your nee-noo pucker, don't it? K
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    SAD News-Boy killed with NFA weapon-in Mass.

    Of course it's tragic. And it also shows gun people can be idiots. Kids are not just miniature adults. Kid probably was startled by the recoil and was totally unprepared by the adult "supervision" to deal with the force of the muzzle rise. When I was a kid and went to "shooting galleries at...
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    New Gun Laws signed by Constitutionally Unqualified "President"?

    The thing about conspiracy theories is that no matter how much evidence you present to the contrary, the believers find some way to discredit the evidence or its sources. K