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    10/22 Hi-Capacity Mags

    Butler Creek Steel Lips all the way. They cost twice as much, but last way more than twice as long as plastics. ~
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    Walther P22

    Hmmm, holy thread resurrection batman!.... Update: the Walthers and Mosquitos have improved in general functionality, but not in engineering much. They're still zinc, and I still don't have one. The best option for a fullsize-style 22 pistol is (still) a fullsize conversion. -------- Also--the...
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    Air rifles!

    First off--airguns are not firearms, and so are governed by state/local laws. You'd need to ask at a gun shop if you can mail-order them directly to your doorstep or not. --------- Secondly: If you want a PCP airgun, then about the least-expensive one is the Eun Jin/SamYang/ShinSung rifles...
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    HELP!!! Trying to Identify This Air Pistol

    You can go here and ask about it: ( James Kiching / Fun Supply airgun board ). There's a lot of long-time airgun collectors that post or lurk on that site. ~
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    Gun Case Foam

    After much field observations and ponderings, I am of the opinion that pick-n-pluck foam just plain stinks. The main problem I've seen is that if you drop the case, the foam can suffer large tears that can leave the item inside with a lot less protection than you think. This effect is...
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    Best Rimfire Caliber

    -Ummm, , , sort-of. It's called "the reason Remington doesn't make 5mm rimfire anymore". In that if the ammo manufacturer cannot sell enough to produce a reasonable profit, they will stop making it entirely. Knocking the HM2 power down a bit would do much towards getting gun companies to...
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    Regarding fingerprints

    Have the main character wear some finger cots, they're like leeetle condoms fer yer mitts! :D ..... You could do a crazy-glue test yourself on some similar metal (after wiping it off) I guess. Here's one page that explains it -- ~
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    Wal-Mart Ruger 10/22 question

    I just went into a local WalMart today (for another reason) and looked and they have one in the display case that is the same way--silver barrel and receiver but black triggerguard. ~
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    Marilyn vos Savant on suing gun manufacturers

    ...Yea, then you'd be left standing outside the Mensa club on the sidewalk, holding a sign that says "will solve sudoku for food"..... I also agree her answer is wrong: the rationale of burgers and cigarettes is the same. Both may or may not be unhealthy, but everything presented for...
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    Wal-Mart Ruger 10/22 question

    Wal-Mart gets special runs of guns that Ruger does not list in their catalog, or offer to other dealers. You could pop on over to the rimfirecentral forums for the details--someone there would probably own/have pics of all the Wal-Mart Ruger 10/22's up to now. People often rip on...
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    Question about Eagle 10/22 Mags.

    The steel lips high-cap mags (Buter creek) are the ONLY ones worth paying for. All the others are junk by comparison, even the other ones that Butler Creek makes. With the plastic-lips magazines, what always wears out first is the plastic feed lips. ~
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    Best Rimfire Caliber

    The 17HM2 was a nice idea, but it is way too powerful. The whole idea of making a 17 the same OAL as the 22LR was so that many guns in 22LR could be easily converted to 17HM2 with just a barrel swap. But the pressure curve of the 17HM2 is too long for a simple semiauto barrel swap--and most...
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    Should Ruger Make These Weapons?

    I am not too-knowledgeable regarding the Western-shooting crowd, but the only two Ruger guns of note are the Mk-II pistol and the 10/22 rifle. For anything else, there's simply better choices elsewhere. ------ As to what Ruger could do, it's hardly worth discussing when they are expending...
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    From "Weird but fun dates"

    As I have seen it, a surprising number of girls like shooting crossbows. I have no idea why this is, but I've seen it on more than one occasion. Generally in my teen and twenty-something years, at parties where the host has one, and a target set up somewhere convenient--girls who wouldn't...
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    Opinions on new Ruger Ranch Rifle?

    Are they delivering yet? Ruger is famous for announcing new guns that "will be available immediately sometime in the next couple of years....." ~
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    Nugent's onstage assault complete with firearms

    Maybe we should do an email campaign, ask MTV to show a concert of his. Whadya think? :D ~
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    Blowback Centerfire Rifles--Why Not?

    I'm not sure of the numbers, but this just doesn't seem impossible to me--the figures I am tossing around show you could have a straight-blowback .223 that would weigh perhaps only a few more pounds than a gas-op arm. I'm thinking a breech block weighing around five lbs, inside a <7-lb gun...
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    Blowback Centerfire Rifles--Why Not?

    I have wondered this for a long time, and pondering one of the XM8/new mil rifle threads it came up again--why are there no centerfire blowback semiauto rifles? Or are there? I have not ever seen any.... The main reason I see quoted is that "the weight would be excessive", but somehow in my...
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    When chimpanzees attack.

    -Something that goes in one side and blows a big hole out the other: an "average" 120-lb chimp can easily deadlift 750+ lbs. However an aunt who has traveled Africa once said that chips are extremely afraid of unfamiliar objects...
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    Accuracy International goes bust - here's why!

    -Are you crazy? You know what JB Weld costs??? Gimme a roll or two of duct tape, I'll have this puppy back on the line in no time. ~