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    Looking to start working at a gun counter at a local gun shop? Any tips?

    Remember you are there to sell guns. Your passion in the matter is not germane.
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    What is Project Appleseed?

    When I'm at gunshows trying to get people to come to Appleseed, I run into a lot fo guys telling me I'm already a great shot, don't need it. Don't know if they are a decent shot or not, won't make any claims that Appleseed would improve their shooting either. What I will say is the same...
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    Please explain an "Appleseed" to a non-American

    Goint o ressurect this thread for a bit. Brett speaks truth. There is no hype, just a genuine desire that you learn basic rifle marksmanship. Clip loading or magazine loading weapons are friendlier to use, tube feeds can be used but you will almost certainly fail to make time. Someone...
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    "What gives you the right. . ."

    Words mean things. Use them properly. Learn what you desire to speak, learn to effectively use the language, think about what you want to say, then speak. It'll help keep you out of jail and from stepping on your crank in public Sam
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    The Citizen's Rifle

    Continue working to unseat him. When was the last time you took a stroll by Steny's house? Do not call, do not email, GO THERE. liberals love it when you are just a faceless name. You can be ignored easily but they lack any courage at all when you are in their face. They $#!t britches when...
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    The Citizen's Rifle

    You would be better served learning the route to your representatives district office and paying him regular visits, likewise your Senator. Do not suit your designs to meet the whims of your legislator, change teh legislator. If his/her staffers don't know who you are, you aren't doing it right...
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    Anyone had their rifle Hard chromed ?

    Personally I prefer electroless nickle to hard chrome. In any case failure to properly maintain your guns is not a reason to buy stainless. Take them down and clean/lube the whole thing Sam
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    When do you have to talk to the police?

    When you are in front of the grand jury you are not speaking to the police are you
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    Shipping a Handgun

    Never had a problem with UPS. FedEx on the other hand held up an ammo shipment because they "wern't sure it was legal" and then insisted that I be there to sign for it as the adressee. The NFA stuff they just dropped outside the door
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    .25 with a story

    Ain't supposed to but they do, some times and places. I have my grandfathers 1909 Model, he had it in the PI and WWI Uncle carried it in WWII and dad took it to Korea. I took it back to the PI, Just Because, and Columbia. Who knows where my kid will take it. IAC you have a prize. Always a...
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    Ithca model 37 featherweight, Old vs new???

    You have a '75 model, why do you care about a new one, that 75 will outlast your grandchildren:D Sam
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    S.C. Sheriff's Department Armored Vehicle with Belt-Fed Machine Gun

    113's are very easy to stop/disable/destroy. I don't see a remote or splinter shield for the M2 either so it would be relatively easy to keep it out of play. Matter of fact I can think of a few groups that would love to entice this sheriff into bringing it out, just to make a spectacle of...
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    Broken tap removal

    I would give you this advise. Until you become very skilled at tapping, stick with plain carbon steel taps. They are very brittle compared to HSS taps and if you break one it is much easier to shatter and remove. I always did that with my students and got a better results at lower cost...
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    .44 Magnum SAA?

    Nope, Not enough metal to handle it. You can get SA revos in 44 Mag but an SAA.
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    Describe the person who most surprised you that they CCW'ed, when you found out.

    Gal I dated when I worked for DPD. She couldn't deal with me being armed all the time and after seeing me on the news one night she just left. Met her again at our 30th class reunion. She found mine and I found hers. Strange how life works out. Sam
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    Bed mattress = cover?

    The psychotic child of a friend took her G23 and "played" around with it my the guest bedroom. Rest assured that a mattress will not stop a round 165 GS 40 S&W from about 3 different angles. Neither will a dresser or a closet door, wall ,bathroom cabinet. A brick outer wall will stop a GS 40.
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    Guns sold on the internet

    Hey guys you can establish any kind of deal you want. If he won't allow the inspection period, buy from someone else. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....M.P.H.
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    Carter's Country: This Shouldn't Annoy Me Like This, Right?

    Sorry but the only thing that I ever really liked about the place was the aggregate in his concrete floor
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    Martial law imposed by MAYOR in Arkansas?

    Yeah and it means military and Hizzoner has neither a military to impose it nor the authority to do so. Meaningless bovine fecal material. Sam
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    Border Check point question.

    Fine make it 45 and 87 miles, still no where in close proximity to a border. Just a shakedown operation for drugs and money.