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    LeverLove-Hunting Pics

    Ruger Made Marlin 45-70 SBL. Absolutely LOVE the thing and it'll stay with me forever and be passed down. LONG LIVE THE LEVER GUN
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    Favorite .224?

    I chose 5.56x45 BUT I'm not talking the cheap FMJ Nato rounds that is so common. I reload mine using expanding bullets at the higher 5.56 pressure in my 5.56 barrels. I'm very partial to the 55gr SP the 65gr SP and the 60gr NBT.
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    350 legend vs 300 blk out for deer

    I gotta disagree with the "if you can't get it done with the 300BLK you can't get it done with the 350L. To me at any range the 350L is effective at I'd never choose the 300BLK over it. A .35 cal 150-180gr bullet at the same speed as a .30cal 125 or even a lighter 110 all copper at the same...
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    308 Hunting ammo for AR10?

    JMR pretty much nailed it. But let's assume they are accurate, but any quality made 150gr ammo will be just fine for what you are wanting. And I shoot SP's in my semi autos all the time don't matter one bit. Just shoot several brands and pick the one your rifle shoots best.
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    350 legend vs 300 blk out for deer

    350 Legend without a second thought. I live in a state that doesn't require straightwall and I still use mine. It's been very effective and easily "hunting" accurate. My rifle like the 170SP Hornady with Lil Gun powder.
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    what is your favorite do it all rifle

    When I think of "do it all" I think defense, medium game hunting, and a rifle that you'd throw in a tractor, saddle bag, 4 wheeler rack, truck rack, etc and at realistic ranges for such that to me is 200 yard max. For me that means an AR-15 in 300 Hamr. 110gr Varmint bullets for smaller game...
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    Favorite 8mm?

    Favorite 8mm is the Grandfather of all Intermediate Rifle Cartridges. The 7.92x33 aka 8x33 aka 8mm Kurz. My 12.5 inch AR pistol launches the now discontinued 125gr HP at over 2400fps with A1860. That bullet is absolute death ray on deer too. They definitely expand and hold together
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    7.62 Yahweh cartridge, is anyone familiar with it?

    Standard brass (PPU and Starline) 7.62x39 brass loaded with a standard 123/125gr .310 bullet and CFE BLK will do all I or 99% of other people will ever ask of it. No need for special mumbo jumbo marketing junk. If you want a 125gr bullet in .30 caliber to go faster than 2400-2500 fps in a semi...
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    7.62 Yahweh cartridge, is anyone familiar with it?

    The standard 7.62x39 handloaded with CFEBLK is all you'll ever need from the cartridge. No need for fancy claims or fancy design or some stupid name.
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    Savage 110 300wsm

    Agreed with LoonWolf go the AICS route.
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    Ruger American rimfire

    I have a Ruger American Rimfire Target model. The one with the laminate wood stock and 18" stainless bull barrel. Mine has been perfectly reliable and accurate enough for shooting golf balls, rocks, cans etc. at the 54 yard range I shoot it at. It ain't as accurate as some 22's I've seen and...
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    Favorite cartridge for the AR-15, and it's use case.

    I took my 4 round ones, and ground out the little tabs at the bottom of the mag and you can get another round it, gives me a total of 5. That's all I need really for hunting.
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    Favorite cartridge for the AR-15, and it's use case.

    I love my 30 Rem AR also. 125 Accubond reloads are Thors Hammer on deer and coyotes. BTW super jealous of the 10 round mags you have. I've never seen one for sale. A friend of mine has one for his rifle. Years ago I lucked up and found a supply online of the 4 round 30 Rem AR mags, I got a...
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    What rifle and scope would you pick for all your Medium to Big Game hunting, in the lower 48 states?

    Excluding the large bears, my custom made 7mm08 shooting a 140gr Nosler Accubond with a very stiff dose of Varget. Scope is a Vortex HS-T 4-16x44 If large bears are on the menu. My Mayodan Marlin in 45-70 with a Burris XTR ii 1-5x24.
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    Savage A22 magnum

    OP sorry about your rifle giving problems, definitely contact Savage and let them repair or replace that rifle.
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    7.62x39 Ackley Improved (30 PPC)

    I would be very interested in reading it, I'm seriously not being a booty hole either, I really like the x39 cartridge and I want to learn all I can about anything I'm interested in.
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    Favorite cartridge for the AR-15, and it's use case.

    If we can talk about Wildcat Cartridges, you favorite has to be the 7mm Valkyrie AR. Deer hunting is it's only use a 2780fps 20" barrel 120 Nosler BT makes a quick work of deer size game. If it's SAAMI approved cartridges I gotta go with my 300 HAMR. Use would be deer and this year I plan to...
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    7.62x39 Ackley Improved (30 PPC)

    Well educate the masses then...
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    Ready For Squirrel Hunting.

    Thank you so much, and my buddies at work have told me the same thing. I definitely do realize how lucky I am for it. We really do enjoy hunting together. Don't hurt she's easy on the eyes too ;) I've squirrel hunted before several times as an adult, but as a kid squirrel, rabbit, and dove was...