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    Old hands

    Not having the hand strength for accurate shooting ( Glock 19)
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    Old hands

    Hands are getting old having are hard time with hand guns , long guns for home protection no problem any other OLD hands out there with this issue ? If so how do you protect your self in public ?
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    What else do I need

    3 -shotguns 12 gauge 4 -22s 357 -revolver and lever gun 2 -30-30s 308 rifle 2 -9 mms AR in 223 Like to deer hunt and some small game and do general target shooting what am I missing?
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    870 20 gauge

    Are the new Remington 870 20 Gauge guns built on a 12 gauge frame ????
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    Remington V3

    Anyone here got one yet and if so what are thoughts????
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    Mini 14 trigger work

    Can anyone suggest the best place for trigger work on a mini 14 (remove the creep lighten the pull weight )
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    Anyone have any experience with the Bergara B14 rifles some feed back would be appreciated I am looking at one in 308 ?