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    YES! No charges in ice cream store robbery!

    People say there is no "Double Jepardy" but when you really look at how the game is played,,,,,errrrrr I mean how our Justice System operates, thats not so true. As stated, a Grand Jury can find no reason to prosecute, but a prosecutor can override their findings in many cases. The Gov can...
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    City Folk move to country and find out people hunt there...and they don't like it.

    ...entire neighborhoods that have been built within "SMELLING DISTANCE" of the place. There is an organization of neighbors who moved in next to the farm to have it shut down. HELLOOOOOO! You MOVED next to PIG SH*T! What did you think it was going to smell like???? People just amaze me...
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    Door to door sales guy?

    kingpin008, Not sure why you act like I'm eager to shoot a guy. I guess you feel wearing a gun or carrying one everyday makes a person "eager" to use it. My wife carries a gun when she answers the door when I'm not home. Does that make her "eager" to shoot somebody? I understand you...
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    Door to door sales guy?

    Sorry that some of you live in states where simply holding a weapon on your own property is against the law. Here in AZ its not. Even worse, some of you live in areas where you can't even posses a weapon on you own property, like NY or DC! Were I wearing a side holster with a gun visible, I...
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    Cleveland Handgun Buy Back

    So a gun is only worth about 20 gallons now in California? :) hehehe At least give them a Rebel or Chevron gas card and they can buy 21 gallons! Gas prices are getting so high that some of those folks that were going to trade in their guns are now keeping them so they can ROB a gas station...
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    Door to door sales guy?

    ...good, but Mr Browning handled the situation with tact as usual! For me, if you are a salesperson going door to door, I would think you would * Look clean and presentable * Have a company shirt or other ID, especially after dark * Not bang on doors, but use the clearly visible (and...
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    YES! No charges in ice cream store robbery!

    I'm gonna take a different stance and sentence David Fielding to 40 hours supervised range time. 11 shots and only 2 hits????? Come on David, get some more practice under your belt! Remember David, in a hurry, aim for center mass and SQUEEEEEZE, don't jerk the trigger!
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    Gun Seizures in did it occur?

    I saw some videos from NOLA, where the police stopped civilians who were in boats helping to rescue others, or rescuing themselves, and the police just basically pulled alongside and asked if they had any weapons. If the civilians replied that they did, they were disarmed and the weapons were...
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    Baltimore's new gun offender registry

    Baltimore will have a new Gun Offender registry starting in a few months. Another stupid law that will do little, if anything to reduce crime in Baltimore, but makes Mayor Dixon looks like she is doing things...
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    Police response time

    The main problem with response times in my area has nothing to do with the Police, Deputies, Highway Patrol, or the Dispatchers themselves. It has to do with the dispatch system, and the fact that we are located in a Tri-state mixed area! If you call 911 on your cell phone, depending on...
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    Officer shot in chest later admits shooting himself (San Antonio, TX)

    I have not heard the "Ballad of Irving" song in many years. Its really funny The James Boys was coming on a train at first sun And the town said, "Irving, we need your gun." When that train pulled in at the break of dawn Irving's gun was there, but Irving was gone!
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    Sheriff Joe's SWAT team burns house down in search for "cop killer" bullets

    Its a pretty long article, but its a good read about how Sheriff Joe's goons burned down a guys house and killed his dog while searching for "cop killer bullets". They only found a legal 9mm and a shotgun. Nothing like having your house burned down, your dog killed, and your neighbors car...
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    A fair news report on a shooting today

    I was watching the news from Phoenix today, and I saw probably the first fair and balanced report on a shooting that I have seen on the news in a long time. It seems 2 men decided to rob a Circle K convenience store, and one of the bad guys had a gun. The gunman pulled the gun on a security...
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    What caliber for rabid black bear?

    Phased-plasma rifle in the forty watt range should work!
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    And another one bites the dust...

    I just watched a news story on this. It seems that Albrecht was drunk, had beaten his girlfriend, and then she managed to lock him out of the house. Albrecht tried to bust back into that house, before banging and kicking on the neighbors door. He was not knocking, but banging, screaming, kicking...
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    You might be a gun nut if...

    I have not seen the movie Sgt York since I was a kid. What is the big mistake in it?
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    Vegas Gun Show

    Well, I went to a gun show for the first time in a few years. I had the day off, an there was a "Big show" (thats how it was advertised) at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas. First it was $3.00 to park. Now I know thats not a lot, but everywhere else in Vegas (except the airport) its free...
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    Richard Jewell has died

    While not exactly gun related, Richard Jewell, who came to national media attention because the FBI considered him a suspect in the Olympic park bombing has died of apparent complications from diabetes. For the past three years, Jewell, 44, worked as a deputy sheriff for the Meriwether...
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    Gun crime in The United Kingdom has doubled

    Ten years after Great Britain banned handguns, the use of handguns to commit crimes has doubled. Senior police officers have been warning for several months that a growing number of teenagers in big cities are becoming involved...
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    Rookie SF police officer shoots himself to death while fooling with "unloaded" gun!

    I agree, but I'll go even one further. It's not just a San Fransisco issue, or even a California issue, its all across America. Kids today are not brought up in a gun positive culture. Guns are almost always portrayed as "evil" and are only in the hands of criminals, or "highly trained police...