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    problem with an AR-type rifle

    i am another that suspects it might just need a good cleaning. I had a couple of failures to extract the first time I took my AR to the range. It is an economically priced Mforgery put together from a PSA kit. It didn't occur to me that I should clean the barrel before shooting as it was new. I...
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    Why I Think Open Carry Isn't Wiser than Concealed Carry (In Most Instances/For Most People)

    So I've carried for a while. I live in the Metro Atlanta area. I choose to conceal unless I am in an area where the population is less dense. I haven't hunted in a while because life gets in the way but I have been known to open carry when I go to the woods. For me less people equals less chance...
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    Compact/Micro 9mm Suggestions?

    If you like Ruger I would suggest you look at the Ruger Max 9. I have one & like it. It has more capacity than a LC9s but there is very little difference in size between the two. It is available with or without an external safety.
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    Respect (or lack there of) for older Gun Writers

    In all honesty I never really did the gun magazine thing much. Growing up my dad wasn't a gun guy. In my 30's I got into hunting. I made it a point to have adequate firearms to be able to hunt whatever I wanted to. I married late & when my oldest two girls were about a year and a half and two...
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    My dad's stolen 1911 is back home

    I'm glad you have it back.
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    CZ vs. Beretta

    A friend has a Shadow 2 Blue. It is very nice. He loves it. He carries a P07.
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    What would make you get rid of a gun that had nothing wrong with it? (Kind of a random ramble)

    If I decide I don't like a gun for whatever reason it probably wont be around long. I do have at least one that I keep around for sentimental reasons but for the most part if I don't like it it leaves. I usually sell & roll the money into the next one.
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    S&W SD9VE 9mm or a Taurus?

    I have been a bit reluctant to reply to this thread & most likely the OP has already bought something but here goes. I've only owned one Taurus auto. It was a PT-111 Millenium Pro G2. It did work. I sold it off because the blued finish was weak & I strongly disliked the trigger. The trigger...
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    S&W SD9VE 9mm or a Taurus?

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    New Kahr

    I have experience with one Kahr. It is a CM9. I've owned it for several years. I never really warmed up to it. I need to follow up but I'm trying to make a deal to sell it now. I doubt I'll buy another. The prototype doesn't seem to offer anything other makers aren't already producing with a...
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    Please explain why some do not like manual safeties on semi-autos?

    I have carried pistols that did & did not have a manual safety. My opinion is simple. If you want to carry without a safety do so. If you want to carry with a safety do so. I do have one opinion I will voice. If you carry a pistol that has a safety train yourself to take it off before shooting...
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    Girsan MCP35 High Power

    A fellow I get to shoot with sometimes has the Girsan. I got to shoot it. It is a nice pistol. He likes it & uses it for carry. He also has a Belgian Hi Power.
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    Preferred DA/SA?

    When I first started carrying a pistol I had a Ruger P94 I had had for some time. I spent a lot of time with it learning the two triggers, etc. Then I decided to swap to striker fired pistols. The last several years most of my time has been spent shooting striker fired pistols because that is...
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    PSA has a Micro Dagger up for sale.

    After I replied to this thread I saw someone post that he had seen it take an hour for them to sell out. Maybe demand is easing some. I'm not really an early adopter kind of guy. I'd rather wait 6 months or a year on a new product & let the kinks get worked out. Besides I've been feeling a DA/SA...
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    Taurus Finally Releases the TH10

    Sorry I missed the, "in store only."
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    Taurus Finally Releases the TH10

    I ran across this deal on Gun.Deals today. $414.99 with free shipping.
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    PSA has a Micro Dagger up for sale.

    I am not interested in one of these at this time. I have been watching people discuss the Micro Dagger drops elsewhere. It appears that when they drop them they are sold out in minutes. If I wanted one I would sign up for notifications from PSA. Then I would go ahead & create an account & have...
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    Is SIG not making .40 cal pistols anymore?

    I didn't know FN was still making 40's. I thought Glock & S&W were the only ones still putting them out. I've always liked .40. I only own 2 of them. One is an old Ruger P944. The other is a S&W M&P 2.0 40 Compact. When I bought the S&W the new 9mm guns were selling for about $550. I got it for...