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    Man killed after handing over money in MD

    THINK! You didn't have a gun, but you had the fuel hose! Pull it out of your car and hold on to it. If he makes a move, drench him in gas. Even without a lighter, he's in for a world of hurt with gas in his eyes.
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    anti girlfriend

    The "dump her" crowd is right, but my suggestion is that you DON'T dump her! Not unless you have other females lined up. Have fun with her. Meet her once a week, two times maximum! That way you get the female companionshipneeds covered while not putting her in "relationship" mode. Don't...
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    Islamic cartoons, merged multiple threads

    Because the embassies are not more than a floor in a office building. There is 5-6 diplomats and some civilian employees. At the very least the embassies should have been rigged with claymores and with filing cabinets equipped to destroy the contents by remote control. Norwegian...
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    almost got in a fight today while carrying

    Seriously colubrid, move out of the area. The problems you've had, are having and will have is not worth it! And what you did in the park. That was just plain stupid! Seeing what you look like, and that 99% of those in the park had no idea that the bike was stolen, well you just made...
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    Travel insurance

    What is the amount that is covered by your travel insurance? I'm asking about the amount that coveres emergency medical expenses. Why ask on this forum? Because having the right insurance when you need it is as important as having a firearm when it is needed. :)
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    The Ultimate Bug Out...

    Plant a few acers of rape and you will have more rape-oil than you need. (Its BIO DIESEL!) :rolleyes: Then you will be truly self sufficient. :)
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    An armed and armored front-end loader?

    Nope, not a CAT, but a Volvo similar in size to a 920. 37 MPH down a narrow gravel road in the forest, with trees on one side and a cliff on the other. Never again! :uhoh: Problem wasn't breaking, but having to constantly jiggle the steeringwheel in order to take up the slack in the steering...
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    Bugging out and towing things

    Zee Germans have come up with this thing. RV/cargo trailer. Only thing it doesn't have is a shower.
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    Body Armour

    Kevlar, kevlar, kevlar. Do NOT get any of the "special" fabrics. Get NIJ level II or IIIA.
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    Police Video...

    I found this information:
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    Police Video...

    Other version of video Dep. Kyle Dinkheller, RIP, of the Georgia Lawrence County Sheriffs office was killed, most likely because he hesitated in that situation. :(
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    Story of the Houston bug out

    So now the DOT (department of transportation or what not) can decide to close main roads, and force you to go somewhere? :eek: What happened to "The land of the free"??? :uhoh: I bet that if you get fed up driving along the concrete parkinglot, and then force your way through a roadblock...
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    My wife responds to anti's verbal assault

    Justin, yes IMO supressors should not be regulated in the US eighter. But it is only $200 tax. If you want a supressor, get one. Yes you have to go through the paperwork, but all in all it will cost you about $700 for a supressor, and that really isn't that bad.
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    What to do about goblins hanging out in front of my apartment?

    Drive around town, buy a few $100 worth of drugs, place in can/under rocks right by where they hang out. (Be carefull not to leave any fingerprints), and then call the cops and say that there is a gang selling drugs to kids, and that they have guns. Problem solved. :)
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    BOBR (Bug Out Big Rig)

    Big rig, 6-10mpg, 100-200 gallon tanks = 600-1200 miles. Even with heavy traffic it would get you out of any danger. My reasoning for getting a big wehicle, even a big cube/box van is to avoid having to loose all of your possessions to weather/looting. Yes, we should be able to walk away...
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    BOBR (Bug Out Big Rig)

    Zach, there is no problem manuvering a big rig anywhere in the US. Yes, you can not cross deep ditches or drive on narrow logging roads. But we are talking about getting out of town, not building a camp on top of a mountain. As to high center of gravity, well, that depends on how you pack...
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    BOBR (Bug Out Big Rig)

    If you live in an area where there is even a few % chance of encountering a storm/tornado/flood that can be foreseen, why not get a box van, or even a tractor-trailer. A lot of your possessions could be packed in a few hours, and as a bonus, you could live in a 48' or 53' trailer for weeks...
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    When the SHTF, a rifle or shotgun in your hand?

    I'd pic a rifle in .223 or 7.62x39 as you can carry lots more ammo than with a shotgun. With .223 you can hunt birds and small animals including deer for food.
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    British police shoot suicide bomber at Stockwell station (merged)

    Good one! :D Seems like he may have been running because his visa had expired. If you quack like a duck loud enough, you just might get shot when its hunting season. I wouldn't blame the police even if this had been a friend of mine. You get judged for your actions.
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    British police shoot suicide bomber at Stockwell station (merged)

    You don't run into the London underground today wearing a backpack or heavy clothing. You don't run into a bank in the US wearing a ski mask, even in winter. You don't gun your engine and aim your car, charging for a cop standing in the street, even if your going to turn away at the last...