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    My New AR thanks to Funfaler and SeanMTX

    looks good, congrats!
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    Building AR Varminter

    well tried to take pictures with my new camera but they didn't come out too good. Here are some for you though:
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    please post pics of your ar15

    these are crappy pics but here are two of mine:
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    Building AR Varminter

    I recently build one on a double star lower with a dpms parts kit and a model 1 upper. I went with the 24 inch extra heavy bull barrel, and believe me the sucker is heavy. If I had it to do all over again I might have gone with a 20 and fluted it. I have not shot the gun yet, but I am...
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    AR vs. Masada? (read, please)

    If I was going to spend that much money it would be on a FN SCAR. FN has a proven track record of producing fine firearms vs. a company that has never brought one to market.
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    The best M-4gery?

    I have two colts, an armalite, a RRA, a Bushie, a model 1 upper on a double star lower and a dpms. Out of my group, the Armalite is by far the best overall. It is about five years old and I don't know if they still produce the same quality firearms as they used to, but mine is awesome. It...
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    What is your "survival" gun?

    My go to gun is my sks, pretty much worthless past 200 yards but it can handle pretty much anything inside of that
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    Moving the .50

    I feel you OP, I had the bug and was just about to get an LAR, then decided on the Bohica. I am patiently awaiting my upper which should be here late Jan. I have already built the lower for it and have stocked up on about 100 rounds so far.
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    AR-15 A3 Optics mount that preserves open sights

    the gooseneck style mounts allow you to co-witness with the open sights most of the time
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    Best C.A.R. AR Setup?

    Get a flip down front sight post, then you won't have to worry.
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    Varmint Rifle

    nice rifle, you don't know how lucky you are that you married a women that will shoot with you. good choice.
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    Best C.A.R. AR Setup?

    A3 uppers have a detachable carry handle. I believe (not entirely sure), that the A4 has the m4 feed ramps and detachable carry handle. But I am sure that the A3 is the flattop.
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    Scoped Rifle pics

    Mute, That is sweet, how about some info on that fine rifle?
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    Recommend a scope

    I have two super snipers, a 10x on my 24 inch AR and a 16x I am going to mount on my bohica when it shows up. I think they are great for the money and seem to hold up really well.
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    Yeah it's another AR thread, sorry

    I really like the iron on the AR, they are awesome and accurate. I guess it depends on what you are going to use the rifle for. I personally enjoy the challenge of shooting the irons at distance, but I also have four ARs and one of them is a long heavy barrelled model that has a scope, and I...
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    Varmint Rifle

    I recently built myself a dedicated varmint gun on the AR platform pretty cheap, went with a model 1 sales upper with the 24 inch heavy barrel in .223, shoot 75 grain black hills in it and nothing else and the thing shoots the lights out, you wouldn't believe it. I haven't taken it past 300...
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    The AR15/M16 gas system problems and the Rhino system

    I believe the biggest problem with the AR is it's inability to function as well as an AK in dirty/sandy conditions due to tight tolerences, which are also what make it such a great and accurate gun compared to the AK. So it is really a trade off between maintenance and accuracy. The DI system...
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    Black Hills 55 grain .223 for home defense?

    personally, .223 from ten feet away is one of the last things I would want to get shot with. I think that round will work great for HD, do some testing next time out at the range and see how it does on various objects from ten feet. You should be able to tell how much penetration you are...
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    Scoped Rifle pics

    I like it, use a .50 and I will certainly buy one.
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    this video disturbed me

    I actually think it was pretty smart that he used his coworker to shield his movement to get his gun. He appeared behind her with a muzzle pointed at the bad guy, good move.