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    Pistol Reliability

    With my pocket carried LCP every 6 months or so I pull it out of my pocket and shoot it. No issue yet. Problem is how much lint is I ones pocket is different from the next, so everyone should do their own tests.
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    Glock 29 or Glock 30?

    If you get the 45 acp pistol you can get a 10mm conversion barrel, but you cant convert a 10mm to 45.
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    Glock 42X

    Could be a nice offering but not for me. Full grip and lite recoil may be good for some...
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    P365 or Glock 43

    G43 is 6+1 from the factory
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    Glock 26 red dot?

    I would like to, not keen on a dovetail mount. So the slide would be need to be milled seems like about $150 plus the cost of the dot.
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    32acp or 380acp?

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    Armscor/RIA MAPP MS info request (Tanfoglio/CZ?)

    It is not a copy or clone of a CZ. It has Tangfoglio stamped into the grip so very likely it would interchange parts.
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    FN's FNX/FNS series

    A friend owns a FNS 9 and a FNS 9c and I think the 9c is fantastic. The FNS was nice too. I have heard the 509 is a nicer version of the FNS but have on handled one yet. I do believe the FNs do deserve more consideration.
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    Glock vs SW&P durability

    I prefer the Glock but think both are plenty reliable and durable. So I would vote for the one you like better. The FNSc would be worth a look too...
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    Bad Customer Service?

    I had a pistol into CZ twice for the same problem. But, it was a little over 2 weeks door to door. When is came back the first time it was great for the first 100 rounds so the actually did something. You would think they could turn the striker fired pistols around quick tho.
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    Why the DA in an SA/DA pistol without a decocker?

    Many people are comfortable with dropping the hammer without a decocker. If done properly not a problem
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    Who wants H&K to bring back the P7?

    I would never want one, but with what they are selling for used I bet HK could make a limited run of them and make some money.
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    The glock 19x. Sorry for long post.

    All joking aside try calling Glock and see what they say
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    The glock 19x. Sorry for long post.

    I dont think the Military picked the Sig for the finish, it was the drop fire and jamming
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    Glock 19X to be introduced in January

    I dont get your point, your put off because the barrel/slide is a little shorter, why? What exactly are your results by changing barrel length by 1/2 inch?
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    Glock 19X to be introduced in January

    Glock is not in business to only meet your needs. They already make the pistol for you, cant you be happy. If you want to bash Glock then do so by bashing them for being late to the party. HK, Walther and FN have mad a pistol like the 19X for awhile now. As far as the accuracy comment you...
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    Glock 19X to be introduced in January

    I shot one tonight. And its a Glock..... Not mine but 1000 rounds through it and no problems.
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    Glock 19X to be introduced in January

    A buddy has one coming. So, in a week I well likely have shot it and will try to shoot it back to back with both the G19 and G17.
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    Advice On HK VP9SK

    A range buddy has a vp9 and the sk. Lots of rounds through both, been great for him. Great pistols. Only downside is expensive mags.
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    Glock 27

    You can also buy a barrel and shoot 357 Sig.