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    Our Founding Fathers' perspective on citizens and guns.

    Militias were really intended only for local defense. There were problems in the War of 1812-the campaigns of 1812-where the militia refused to serve outside the United States, in the First English Civil War the New Model Army was created because trying to rely on local levies usually didn't...
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    Our Founding Fathers' perspective on citizens and guns.

    The militiaman provided his own firearm, the only requirement was it could not be "bastard bore" in the language of the day. I.e., .supposed to be .75 caliber. How rigorously that was enforced, ?
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    Our Founding Fathers' perspective on citizens and guns.

    In his Message to Congress urging passage of the Ku-Klux Acts President Grant noted that among the Klan's many crimes was "They have conspired to deny Negro citizens the right to own and bear arms."
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    Our Founding Fathers' perspective on citizens and guns.

    I like to quote Professor Groeteschele -(Walther Matthau) in Failsafe (1964) "How long would the Nazis have kept it up , General. if every Jew they went after had met them with a gun in his hand ?"
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    Reasons for keeping "safe queens"?

    My champion "safe queen"-my M1898 Krag, manufactured in 1902. My first Krag. Bought in 1972, still haven't fired it. I have an M1914 Mauser and CZ-27, last fired them in 1985. In recent years I have fired 22LR firearms almost exclusively. Easier on the shoulders, budget, the shooting skills...
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    Considering this S&W Model 10

    The suitability of target sight guns was established back in the 1950s, so if limited to a 38 Special I would get the Model 15-or a Model 67. If you find the load that shoots just right in a fixed sight gun that is great. Skeeter Skelton wrote that fixed sight guns tended to shoot to the left...
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    Curio & Relic Carry Piece

    I would refrain from carrying anything that is long out of production-a Remington Model 51, e.g. and for which spare parts are extremely hard to find.
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    pistol caliber rifles/carbines

    The Marlins have steel receivers which gives them a nice heft.
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    Any firearm can be used self-defense in a pinch. Do you agree?

    As many martial arts schools and styles like to emphasize, the mind is the weapon, everything else is just a tool. And the First Rule of Gunfighting/Self Defense-Have a Gun. 1. Colt Officer's Model Match 38 Special. Strictly speaking a target revolver but it is based on the Official Police...
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    New conundrum- to fix or not to fix...

    I second the dry firing. In my case, I have fired my 1966 Browning HP probably 40x more with my Ciener conversion unit than with CF ammo, that has smoother out the trigger nicely. IMHO dry firing achieves the same as polishing or stoning, it just takes longer.
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    Reasons for keeping "safe queens"?

    As a collector I buy to have, rather than to shoot. Like having a coin or stamp collection
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    pistol caliber rifles/carbines

    Marlin Camp Carbines in 9MM and 45 ACP, Marlin 1894c-357, 1894-44 Magnum. All fun guns. Now if I could just find a Marlin 1894 in 41 Magnum.....
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    Do you WC-?

    Hits with minor calibers hurt worse than misses with majors. There used to be "pattern loading the revolver.' First 2 rounds, say WCs to let you get on target, get your opponent's attention, then more serious rounds. For a reload if necessary I would rely on SWCs, something easier to reload.
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    Have you purchased anything gun related in the last three days?

    From eBay an M1911 muzzle brake/compensator, a Browning HP extended ported barrel, from GPC a compensator to fit on a barrel I already have. Range report to follow. Also from eBay, an FEG Hi Power slide. Fits nicely on my FN HP but requires a different slide stop, that is on order.
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    New S&W Heavy Duty

    While it is missing the 4th screw it has the upper sideplate screw and no safety lock. So it is a 95% repro. I note the Heavy Duty and Outdoorsman have a cachet to them, remained in production long after the .357 was introduced.
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    New to me Colt in the stable.

    IIRC Colt introduced the .357 in 1953, along with the Trooper in 22LR and 38 Special, the Python in 1955. In 1961 they dropped the 22LR and 38 Special, the 357 was renamed the Trooper. Had my 4" since 1972. That Colt frame hold up better shooting 357s, that's why S&W introduced the L frame.
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    Vintage Handgun Values - up or down?

    I paid for 2 S&W Model 10s, a 10-No Dash-$400, a 10-5 $425, both near mint-here in NJ. The gunshop where the 10-No Dash said little interest in revolvers in his area. Out of fashion at present.
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    Homeowner Shoots Intruder

    IIRC Massad Ayoob has emphasized when you call in a situation like this you say the absolute bare minimum, when the police arrive you make it clear you will talk to THEM AFTER you have talked to your lawyer.
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    Revolvers, fewer is more

    I am a young 74, still acquiring, among my many regrets are those I sold as a cash strapped student.
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    Homeowner Shoots Intruder

    Is there any sort of Duty to Aid ? In The Sopranos episode "Knight in White Satin Armor" Janice Soprano shoots her fiancee Richie after he punches her hard in the face. She then calls her brother.