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  1. Robbins290

    Gun boxes

    I do with everything, Simply because I have the room.
  2. Robbins290

    For 2024 ,What Type Firearm Do You Desire the Most to Acquire?

    modern pistol with light rail and p[tic ready. in 762x25
  3. Robbins290

    How many Ruger 10/22s is too many? Also what is your favorite setup?

    1 ruger 10/22 is too much. All seriousness, I had 4, and never could get one to run right. late 90's to 2018 made ones.
  4. Robbins290

    First new gun of 2024! 😁

    I ordered a Glock 25 on 1-2-2024, but not sure when it will be delivered. So far, I have horrible choices in guns in 2024, as the g25 is basically useless.
  5. Robbins290

    Do you own a Glock?

    Yes, I own 14 of them. Soon to be 15.
  6. Robbins290

    Christmas haul

    My wife got me a Colt 6951 and a FN reflex. Could not ask for a better wife.
  7. Robbins290

    Glock 43X Trigger

    Exactly why I swapped mine for a FN reflex. I could not get past the trigger. And I shoot gen 3 glocks all day with OEM triggers.
  8. Robbins290

    Would you rely on an AK as your primary defensive rifle?

    I remember that from the old website.
  9. Robbins290

    Favorite 30 Cal?

    It used to be 30-06 for the last 20 years or so. But I been favoring 308 lately. Cheaper and better recoil.
  10. Robbins290

    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Good to know, I will buy that at some point. Thank you.
  11. Robbins290

    What is the last gun that you bought?

    Just bought a new VP40B for $379.99, and it comes with a $200 rebate for the HK webstore. I been looking for a beater 40 S&W to burn up some ammo. This was a steal.
  12. Robbins290

    Change in Personal Info: Possible NICS Issue?

    I been up and down 50 lbs over the years, I put what ever weight i am currently at. in one year, after 2 surgery's. i went from 160 to 205 in one year, I had those 2 weights with in a 9 month window on the NICS. So i do not think its critical.
  13. Robbins290

    Black Friday 2023…What are you looking for?

    A decent 5.56 20" upper with front sight post.
  14. Robbins290

    Mini-30 and steel case ammo

    I run steel cased thru a 1400 dollar ar10 and also a springfield M1A. I figure if a rifle can not handle steel case ammo, it does not deserve brass cased. I shot enough of it over the last 20 years to realize the "extra" does not matter in the end.
  15. Robbins290

    Tell me about the PSA Dagger

    And its a great color too.
  16. Robbins290

    Isn’t it almost time for the Walmart rifle clearance?

    I noticed that happen at one store, Only one, and it seemed to only happen with super cheap clearance rifles. Come to find out, the sports manager would sell them to his wife and they all end up in the local classifies for firearms. I called him out on it when I saw him.
  17. Robbins290

    Isn’t it almost time for the Walmart rifle clearance?

    I miss the 2020 brick seek days, Scored a few rifles, had to sell one tho, the remington 700 in 223, the twist rate was not good with bulk ammo. Hoping to score a 6.5 creedmoor this year. I got some nephews coming up where they are old enough to hunt. Better then the 30-06's I have.
  18. Robbins290

    Sig's P320 FCU and Module Kits?

    I got lucky with my built 320. I had bought the caliber X change kit from sig when it was on sale for less then 300 shipped. few years later, found a chassis at a pawn shop for $125. Can not beat that. Yes, the kits are common and are on sig website. I only ever seen sig kits. no other maker...
  19. Robbins290


    some of the cities can be pretty bad. Not the maine life style. But we live in a small town on a mountain. Its perfect. And the land on 3 sides is a nature preserve that stretches 3 towns. So i will always have a place to hunt and shoot. Its being built up at a very fast pace. Almost all the...
  20. Robbins290


    I carry a bone stock G20 gen 3 in a safariland 6378 in the spring. Highest black bear population in the country here. And they are cranky in the spring after hibernating, Plenty of scat and tracks on the mountain side. I want the extra popcorn it has over a 9mm when dealing with a cranky bear.