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    What 223 bullet for deer hunting?

    I just worked up a .223 load with the 60 grain Nosler Partions for my son to hopefully take his first deer this season.
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    1 in 10 twist

    My Winchester Model 70 featherweight shoots 140 and 150 Nosler btips nicely with RL19 and RL22. My best groups were with 51 grains of RL19 with the 140 grain btips at 5 shot .800" groups. I shot that load up to 54 grains and they all worked great. I shot that bullet up to 56 grains with RL22...
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    Which is your favorite reload manual????

    Nosler, Sierra then Hornady in that order. I have a couple more, but I really have always liked my Nosler 6 the best.
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    .308 powder ???'s

    RL15, Varget and IMR8208 for me.
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    OAL for 100 grain BT in .25-06 Help

    My loads with 100 grain Nosler btips work great at 3.250" with RL19, RL22 and IMR4831. I loaded them somewhat shorter and a little longer and that length just fit for my .25-06.
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    Share Your Favorite .223 Load Recipe

    I use H335, AA2230 or X-terminator for my plinkers and usually RL15 or Varget (about 24gr. with 69 grain Nosler OTM). I'm currently shooting 60 grain Nosler btips with 25.0 grains of RL15 or H4895, 23.5 grains Benchmark or 23.0 grains H322. The 60 Nosler btips reallywork well for me. Please...
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    When you started reloading...

    About $24.00 per thousand.
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    Smartreloader ISD Scale & Despencer Review

    Thanks for the review Trapper500. I love may Chargemaster, but I had to send mine back to RCBS within weeks of initial purchase. It's rolling on pretty well now, but always like to hear a review of another product. Especially if it is a lot cheaper.
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    AR-15 6.8 SPC build and magazines

    I think that I may buy a couple of the C-product mags in the 10-15 round range.
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    AR-15 6.8 SPC build and magazines

    I did read the posts above. I guess I should have stated that I wish Magpul could develop the pmags for the 6.8. I have a ton of pmags that have never let me down. My Pri mags also have never let me down. They are just very expensive in comparison.
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    AR-15 6.8 SPC build and magazines

    I use Pri mags because I handload and they will accept a bullet that is seated a little longer than the normal 2.260 max length. C-product and the magazines that you mentioned would probably be just fine for normal use. I love Pmags for 5.56 and wish that Magpul did develop them for 6.8.
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    AR-15 .223REM vs 6.8SPC vs 300AAC Blackout vs 6x45 vs 6.5Grendel vs 7.62x39...

    I have several 5.56/.223 and I like them for what they are. They are fun and cheaper and a good varmint and a light to medium game caliber with the right bullets. I have a couple of 6.8 carbines and they are very good if you do your research and buy the barrel with the newer specs. I...
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    Rifle brass: WIN or RP?

    I prefer Winchester over Remington, but use both. I think the necks split on the Rem brass first. I like Hornady and Nosler , but usually wouldn't spend the extra cash. I would love to have Lapua and Norma, but since I am cheap, I don't.
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    Pact chronograph

    I bought one a couple of years ago and it didn't work right out of the gate. I was extremely dissapointed because I really liked it's looks and features. I took it back to cabela's.
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    I think we're gonna get along.

    I doesn't look like your 8208 load has much room for improvement. I like the IMR 8208 also. I haven't tried the A-max's in my AR's yet. I usually save them for the .22-250.
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    Good places to buy powder?

    If Powder Valley has what you want in stock, it is almost impossible to beat them if you purchase larger quantities. If you can find places that will eat the hazmat fee, they are probably still priced higher than the same item at PV and if you puchase enough, you can beat the rebate. Local...
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    Pro Chrony Digital from Competion Electronics. It is cheap, works and the box states that is made in the USA.
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    Is RCBS for real?!?!

    I do. Save your single stage press for some applications like pulling bullets or when you want to make a small batch of ammo and get the Dillon or Hornady for you mass production line. That's what I'd do.
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    Browning Lever

    I had a .308 BLR and it was a great little lever gun. I regret selling it very much. I would think that in a .300 Win Mag the recoil is going to be pretty bad.
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    rock river feed back

    I have the 24" RRA Varminter in 1:8 twist and it is very accurate with heavy OTM bullets with RL15, Varget or TAC. I wish I had a prarie dog field to use it because it gets boring from the bench after a while. I would buy the 20" if I did it over again. I have an 18" medium-heavy barrel AR...