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    Illinois FOID card

    I have purchased a rifle (FN SPR) online in June, it shipped to Cabela's in the beginning of July. I had my wallet stolen on 4th of July along with my FOID card. I applied for a new card and it's been almost two months and still no card. My brand new rifle is just sitting at the gun shop...
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    $300 NRA life membership is back

    Got my letter plus the status on the website says "life - active". Thanks CoRoMo
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    Are HK pistols worth the money?

    Why is the HK so much more expensive than a Glock or an XD or an M&P??? You can have two of those for the price of one HK..... Why are Glocks, XDs, M&Ps, so much more expensive than a Hi-Point??? You can have two Hi-Points for the price of one Glock, XD, or M&P....
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    Are HK pistols worth the money?

    I got a HK P7 PSP that I paid $500 for and a HK45 that I paid $900 for. Both were worth the money to me.
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    H&K P7 parts
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    Magpul dynamic handgun video

    I will be picking this up. Looks like a good deal.
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    HK45 - Rust on Slide Release

    I don't have any issues with mine.
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    Is the P7 all it's been cracked up to be?

    I recently picked up a P7 PSP for $509. I took it out to shoot along with my 1911 and an HK45 and it's definitely my most favorite to shoot out of those 3. It's a really fun gun, and accurate as hell too.
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    $300 NRA life membership is back

    My check went out today.
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    Best .45ACP handgun for less than $1400?

    My favorite .45 is my HK45.
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    comp on 1911

    On factory .45ACP loads they are pointless IMO. But it's your money.
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    I joined the HK-p7 club today!

    Maybe. I didn't get a chance to clean it. Went straight from the gunstore to the range. ;)
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    I joined the HK-p7 club today!

    Finally got to shoot my p7. Only did 50 rounds. It didn't get too hot but it started emitting a weird smell after shooting. It must have came from the slide as the slide itself still has that weird smell after it cools down. Maybe it's the type of metal they use for the slide.
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    $300 NRA life membership is back

    I'm in if CoRoMo has any spots left.
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    I joined the HK-p7 club today!

    Ordered one on Monday. It arrived at my FFL today so I should be able to pick it up by the weekend. :)
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    What is the last gun that you bought?

    HK P7 PSP. Can't wait to pick it up and shoot it.
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    Gun goes to a Gunsmith... you find it was used and dirty

    Maybe you should have told him that it's a safe queen and that you never plan on firing it before you gave it to him. I'm sure he would have understood that its main purpose is to take cool photos with various holsters and hollow point bullets in a tactical arrangement.
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    whats your favorite 45? (non-1911)

    non 1911? HK45.
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    What's on your '10 shopping list?

    HK P7 Remington 700 in .308 Possibly a Benelli M4