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    3/4" rail riser?

    I've been unsuccessfully looking for a rail riser to raise an Aimpoint 3/4". I just got an Aimpoint Comp C3 and would like to use the ring that was supplied with it due to my budget. The problem is that I would like to have lower 1/3 cowitness but a 1/2" riser only brings it up to absolute...
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    Non-tactical 4" fixed blade

    Thanks to all for the replies so far, great options in there.
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    Non-tactical 4" fixed blade

    I'm on the hunt for a fixed blade knife, ideally about 4", drop/spear point, wood or nice looking handle, no serrations, about $100 or less. Doesn't have to exactly fit all those criteria, just looking for something along those lines and with a little character. It will go hiking and camping...
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    Mag pouch for AR-15

    Thank you all for the helpful replies! Keep 'em coming...
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    Mag pouch for AR-15

    I'm looking for some belt mounted kydex mag pouches for 5.56 Pmags. I would prefer single pouches rather than multiples. I'll be using them mostly on the range and in some classes. Looking for your input! Who has used what and how do you like them? Am I barking up the wrong tree, let me know...
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    .357 Magnum Ammunition Questions?

    While the 158gr may not have transferred all of its energy, it did transfer all the energy that the target could possibly absorb. Whereas the 125 did transfer all of its energy but the target still had more energy to potentially be absorbed. It isn't about expending all of a bullet's energy...
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    proposed federal high cap. mag ban

    RE: 33 round mags. They way I see it, we do not have to defend the use of such magazines. The ones who should have to defend their position are the ones trying to take away anyone's rights or privileges. This extends to anything, not just 33 round mags, but they will be my example. What is it...
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    So... How Fast ARE You, Really?

    After jumping the gun twice the first time and being a sluggish snail, I pulled it together and became a bobbing bobcat. Pretty interesting.
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    A few questions on .223/5.56x45mm uppers

    Why is that, specifically?
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    How did you learn about THR?

    Same answer as several others. THR had the best information. While trying to find the answers to a variety of firearm questions, searches kept directing me to THR threads that contained the most thorough, well reasoned, and correct responses of all the gun boards online. I stay for the wealth...
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    my xd is stuck i need HELP!!!

    Is the slide stop stuck in the up position or is it down and the slide is still stuck locked back?
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    Buying an AK and not getting JUNK.

    Yes. The AK design doesn't have a long mag well like the AR to support the mag (because AK mags don't need extra support) so there will be some play in it side to side, you just don't want excessive amounts of wobble. Yes. The front sight, gas block or both just may be cocked off to one side...
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    Steel Cased ammo bad in an AR? Pshaw.

    Was it decidedly found to be the fault of the lacquer coating, the steel case or some other factor? We all know how guns guys like to diagnose problems.:)
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    Buying an AK and not getting JUNK.

    As stated before, problems with WASRs are vastly overstated. Those problems also seem to be corrected as of the last few years from what I can tell looking at gun show/shop examples. I own a WASR bought in '07, no canted sights, mag wobble is negligible, 100% reliable. Check one out yourself...
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    Steel Cased ammo bad in an AR? Pshaw.

    You saw the lacquer coating gum up a chamber or you saw a lacquer coated case get stuck? The internet myth is that the coating will melt off in a hot chamber and gum things up.
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    Ruger SP 101 .357 mag for women?

    My mom owns and occasionally carries a Ruger SP101. She can shoot .357s but does much better with .38+Ps so that is what its loaded with. Regular .38s for practice. She doesn't mind the weight and does ok with the recoil, trigger pull is pretty heavy though and may be the deciding factor for...
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    Steel Cased ammo bad in an AR? Pshaw.

    Which is easily explained by christcorp's post: Your "funky crap smeared all over it" is carbon fouling from the steel cases not sealing the chamber as well as brass.
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    AR: Del-Ton upper - gas key came loose (not staked)

    Care to expound on that statement? Details man, details!
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    AR: Del-Ton upper - gas key came loose (not staked)

    I received my Del-ton upper about a week ago and it is properly staked. I couldn't be happier with del-ton as a whole. I originally wanted a lightweight midlength chrome-lined barrel but they didn't have any so I settled for a heavy barrel. I got an email later that week that the barrel I...
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    cw9 grip glove

    Hogue does, Kahr carries them online.